Amazon Shuts Down Lendle?

Update to the update: I just got in!  Woo hoo!!

Update: March 23 – I’m told that Amazon reinstated Lendle’s API access and Lendleapp did tweet that they were back up, but unfortunately, I’m still getting icky 502 bad gateway errors.

The big news from #CiL11 yesterday was that Amazon had pulled the plug on lending sites, like Lendle!  Here’s what Jeff Croft, Co-founder of Lendle, says: Amazon revokes Lendle’s API access.

Amazon’s logic is flawed.  I’ve bought books because of Lendle.  I bought a Kindle last week, in part because I wanted to use it with Lendle.  Lendle brought them business!

I do wish we (libraries) had concrete evidence to share with booksellers and publishers that showed how beneficial lending is to their business.  I’m a hybrid reader – I buy some of my smut, I borrow some of my smut and I lend some of my smut.  I buy more than I borrow or lend.  As one of those Romance readers who drive the $1.6 billion in sales every year…I’m good for business.


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