What’s public? What’s private?  These questions were discussed a lot at the Internet Librarian 2008 conference in Monterey.  I tend to blend the two, but thought I’d see if I can have this public, quasi-professional blog and keep Facebook for news of the family, pets, escapades and general silliness.  We’ll see.  As of Spring 2012, it’s been a great way to take notes at conferences, workshops, webinars and other various continuing education events.  Feel free to share, comment, or lurk as you wish.

When the blog was began, I was the Technology Consultant for the Northeast Kansas Library System and worked on our Koha-based shared catalog.

From July 2012 until March 2020, I was the Library Director of the Huntingdon Valley Library, funded through Lower Moreland (yes, I know) Township.  We are a member of the MCLINC consortium, so my experience with NExpress came in handy – holds, pick lists, lost CDs, monthly statistics.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic settles down, I will start work as the new Director at the Linwood Community Library back here in Kansas.

Sharon Moreland

Yahoo /morelandse

GChat /smoreland

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ah, Sharon – the Web 2.0 dilemma – how do you, should you, why would you want to – separate the personal from the professional? I will certainly be interested in finding out what you discover. I haven’t been very successful at it but then one of my problems is wanting to add one more thing that will be public and that I will probably ignore.

    Really, really like your banner. It is a breath of fresh air and couldn’t come at a better time.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

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