Tech Day 2011 Presentation Idea Brainstorming

We *hope* to have a very cool keynote speaker drive over from Manhattan for Tech Day this year (August 2 at Topeka and  Shawnee County Public Library).  Now it’s time to brainstorm ideas for breakout sessions.  Heather just returned from Computers in Libraries with a bevy of ideas. (Note, these are still just ideas…we need to ask nicely and see if folks would be interested in participating, but I hope they are!!)

  • Invite Sue Scott, Technology Librarian at Marlboro Free Library, to virtually visit us and talk about “Teching Up” Traditional Library Programs – I’m looking at her Presentation Slides and I love all the tech-based teen and children’s programming ideas!  Here are Heather’s Notes.
  • Invite our buddy Sean Bird and his cohorts Keith Rocci and Dr. Alan Bearman from Washburn University to give their CiL presentation Creating 21st-Century Information-Literacy Programs.
  • August would be a wonderful time for Liz and I to debut our NEKLS kete project.  Our inspiration comes from Orlando Memory and Kete Horowhenua.
  • Heather also mentioned that the La Cygne Historical Society and Library District #2 of Linn County are creating podcasts and putting them up at  This type of project dovetails in nicely with the NEKLS kete AND we could use our fancy snowball mic currently languishing in the Tech Toy Box.
    • More about that project: “We are partnering with the La Cygne Historical Society to try to highlight former La Cygne residents and stories about those who helped make the town. If you have information or pictures or artifacts, contact the Historical society or library and let us know. The above files are ones that we are piloting as a sample of what we would like to do.”
  • Continue a discussion from our HandHeld Librarian webinar viewing party about QR Codes in libraries.  Academic libraries are already doing some neat things, but I think public libraries could definitely do some creating things with this new technology.
  • Hands-on training at TSCPL with Shari Schawo, ebook specialist
    • From the TSCPL Web site: E-Books with Kansas OverDrive – Learn how to use your E-reader with our free Kansas OverDrive service. We cover how to browse titles, download OverDrive software and transfer E-books to your compatible Sony E-reader, Barnes & Noble Nook, or the Kobo E-reader.
  • We could also have Heather and Cindi repeat their CiL program “Virtual Learning” or Heather could re-present her program on “Managing Professional Information Overload
  • I’d also like to talk about using Social Networking to market the library – patrons use FaceBook, so Libraries should use FaceBook.  This is a nail that needs continuous pounding, so to speak.
  • Ideas to steal from KLA: Liz and Heather are presenting “Naked in the Library” about online security, for example.  UPDATE: This was very well-received and the post on has 4-pages of lovely information.
  • Ideas from years past:
    • Lightning Rounds
    • Hands-on/hard-core tech support with our new Technical Specialist (here’s hoping he likes to present)
    • Something about WordPress and Web design

Now it’s your turn – what do YOU want us to cover for Tech Day??


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