The 2009 Fall Retreat has Ended

It’s over.  I think it went well, but we’ll find out for sure after folks complete the online evaluation (thanks to polldaddy).

I’m sitting in my office with a cat asleep on the dog bed, another cat asleep on my chair (while I sit on the floor) and a dog asleep beside me.  I think they may have missed me.  I wasn’t ready to stop listening to the audio-smut I checked out for the drive – so I’ve been working on the online evaluation and reading email.

I like polldaddy’s survey features – very easy to use and the reports look promising.

I need to spend some time looking more closely at all of the online software that Gail shared at the Retreat.  There are so many very good, free options for very expensive proprietary software, like Photoshop.  Power of the Internet, I suppose.

I enjoyed meeting new people and seeing a lot of young professionals and students at the Retreat – gives me warm fuzzies to realize who’s coming into librarianship (like I’m all that old, I graduated a whopping 5 years ago…or was it 6?).

Time to enjoy the weekend and chop wood for my pottery class tomorrow and replace the rotten siding on the trailer Sunday.

The 2009 Fall Retreat has Begun

#klapls09 – Watch it Live!

Additional Notes at the Public Library Section site, along with the Agenda (yes, I took these, too)

Cynthia Berner Harris

Librarianship in Tough Times: A Library Story

Cynthia is sharing the challenges that the Wichita Public Library hasn’t asked for, but according to Stephen Covey, a “Challenge is an opportunity that we have not asked for.”  While everything behind the scenes has been reduced, the customers haven’t noticed and use is up, up, up!