PLA 2018: Wednesday Kari Chapin and Sally Yates

So, I’m glad I came in early and am able to stay in Center City. I missed the Book Buzz, but am glad I ventured out into the blowing snow to hear Kari Chapin’s “Imagine the Possibilities” motivational talk and later to hear Sally Yates. While I took notes at Kari’s talk, I just listened to Sally while she restored my hope in our country and system of government.  Also visited vendors and had a lovely home-cooked meal.  A lovely second day of conference.

From Kari’s talk:

  • Start each day with the question, “What is possible for me today?” and end each day with “What happened today that surprised me?”
  • Pay attend to every synchronicity
  • Along with being open and grateful, ask yourself “Who did I help today?” and “Who was helpful to me?”  It feels good to support others in their quest to be better.
  • If you’re having trouble asking for help, remember that you are denying others good feelings by not letting them help and be useful.  “Everyone you will ever meet knows something that you don’t.” – Bill Nye
  • In the morning, set an intention or goal for yourself and then reflect on it at night – What interfered in reaching the goal, if you didn’t reach it? Goal setting encourages new ideas and possibilities.
  • Networking TIPS: Pick 3 things you can share (stories, leads, recommendations, interesting stuff) and pick 3 things you’d like help with (resources you need, a problem you need help with, programs, volunteer opportunities).  Ask people questions about themselves because those are questions we can answer easily.
  • IDEAL DAY Exercise: Picture every facet of the perfect day (a work day v. a personal day) and notice what is not there. Let go of what’s missing initially but visualize everything about the day.
  • What is the one area where you could ask for some support today?  What one questions you could ask to move forward.
  • Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself!  When you tell yourself you should or shouldn’t do something, it’s usually followed by something you really don’t want to do!  So, LET IT GO, or say no, or delegate it, or ask for help. Let yourself off the hook.  Open up new doors – be self-supportive.  Should Hangovers = Guilt.
  • What can you let go of to make room for new things to come in?
  • Give yourself permission.  It’s OK to have ideas and validation from others that the ideas are good. Give yourself this permission. When you writ it down, “strange magic begins to happen.”
  • Ideas to consider:
    • Get an Accountability Partner, with ground rules, to help keep you on track and determine why items stay forever on the to do list.  Did you leave that item on your to list for 3 weeks just to make you feel bad about yourself? Do you need help to complete it? Can you just let it go?
    • Organize a private FB group
    • Set up a local mastermind / lunch & learn / peer group to share resources, tips, and tricks with – cross pollinate with non-library folks
    • Quarterly self-guided reviews – Get real with the expectations you set for yourself.

My thoughts: I needed to hear that! I have stuff on my to do list from 2013.  I’m currently reading that Tidying Up book (which she mentioned) and now am motivated to finish it. When can I ask for help, delegate, or let go of things?  What unreasonable expectations do I set for myself? If I pause to reflect on what I accomplished each day, will I feel less scattered?  worth a shot.