KLA/MLA Day 1 – “A Pennsylvania librarian goes to Kansas City”

Day 1 for me was all about hugs and seeing all of my friends and colleagues from Kansas and a few from Missouri, too.  Lots of networking and seeing people I haven’t seen in 3 years…but many who I keep in touch with via Facebook.  A great tool for an ex-pat Kansan living in Philadelphia. I confess, I also went to lunch with a friend from Tongie and bought new shoes.

Here’s the keynote Slideshow “The Architecture of Understanding” by :


Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplaceb – Gail Santy

I am VERY sad I missed Gail’s program on the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace (based on the book by Gary Chapman and Paul White).  Luckily, I ran into someone who had an extra set of handouts!  Woot.  I am a huge fan of the Love Language book, so I will be reading this one, too.   Here’s the Web site: http://www.appreciationatwork.com

Cues that Appreciation is needed:

  • Discouragement
  • Irritability and Resistance
  • Increased Absenteeism or Tardiness
  • Cynicism and Sarcasm
  • Apathy and Passivity
  • Social Withdrawal
  • Negative Work Environment

How to Communicate Meaningful & Effective Appreciation:

  • “Make sure your communication is personalized and individualized.” The recipient need stop “feel you mean what you say and that you took time to think about them personally.”
  • “Communicate appreciation in the language or languages that are most important to the recipient.”
  • “By learning a person’s language of appreciation you can give and receive feedback and appreciation in a way that can be effective.”
  • The ways people experience appreciation:
    • Words of Affirmation
    • Quality Time
    • Acts of Service
    • Tangible Gifts
    • Appropriate Physical Touch
  • “Each person has their own preferred ‘language of appreciation.’  And within each language, there are specific actions that are most valued by the individual.”
  • SO: Figure out what kind of appreciation (love) language a person responds to, and deliver it in that way.  easy peasy, right?

Up Next:

Reception at the Central Library.  I heard Rudy’s will be there and I hope that means there are chicken tacos!!!


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