2015 Goals – Mid-year Update

It’s Oct. 21 – time for another progress report.

Here are my personal and/or library goals for 2015:

  • Replace the HVAC using our Keystone grant of $33,900, with the Township.
    Update: Install date in 4-6 weeks.  Now, we just need to figure out how to fix the Community Room HVAC!
  • Work with the Township and Board on our new lease.
    Update: Lease is done! Passed!  Working on the 2016 budget to see how we will manage this great space!
  • Support the growth of our Teen programs – work with the team to find new opportunities for programs, services, and collections for this important group.  They gave us really great ideas during the forums (like test-prep programs) and it’s now on us to make them happen!  The Teen Reading Lounge grant and program from the PHC that Jessica secured for us is a great start.
    Update: The Teen Reading Lounge grant has been extended through the end of the year with another $500 attached, so they will be doing some ceramic sculpting!  Jessica is our new Youth Services Associate, an expanded position.  Diane left us to teach, but I hope she may return for a 2016 Library Lab!
  • Launch an ESL Conversation Class and order/catalog the Foreign Fiction Collection, sponsored by the Friends.
    Update: The foreign fiction free lending library is still popular.  Abington Library has a strong literacy program and I am content to utilize their program.
  • Work with the Board to complete the Strategic Plan and then start using it to make decisions.
    Update: We are working on the Action Plan.
  • Raise Funds while having Fun – We have Lisa Scottoline booked, V. P. almost booked and have ideas for other fundraisers, like a beer tasting or olive oil tasting.  It’s time to secure sponsors.
    Update:  Lisa, Olive Lucy and the fall Appeal comes out later this month. We have Valerie Plame scheduled for our next author brunch at Philmont on Sunday, April 10.
  • Library Card Sign-up Month – this is a goal of Pam’s, which I support and want to help organize.
    Update: We have five business partners and represented the library at EVERY back to school night.
  • Sunday Hours – is it possible?  Can we get the necessary funds through sponsors?  Will anyone actually want to work on a Sunday afternoon?
    Update: Added this to the 2016 Budget, which we presented to the Township Oct. 6.  I hope my arguments were compelling enough to garner the extra financial support needed to make this strategic goal a reality.
  • Monthly Collection Development – review and order regularly.  Weed non-fiction and find quality replacements so there’s at least one book published after 2010 on the shelf.
    Update: Standing orders guarantee best-sellers arrive regularly.
  • Programming – book, promote, repeat.
    Update: Almost done with Fall.  If it’s a program the folks want, they show up!  I’m happy with our variety and breadth of programming.  Any more and we’ll face burn out.
  • Digitization and Archive project (this is a dream, but I’m putting it up here as are minder).  We should apply to participate in the Access PA Digital Repository, scan our old photos and provide access to them online before carefully storing them in accordance with accepted archiving practices.
    Update: We now have a small flatbed scanner out in the public as a ‘scanning station’ and discussed this dream at the Budget presentation – there are some history-loving Commissioners…
  • Develop Staff Tech Competencies CE program using the Ephrata model.  We’re good, but can always learn more about technology.
    Update: Pam created a fun true/false quiz that will help us assess staff knowledge at this point and should help with a training plan.
  • Staff want to have the Finch Program – a fun robotics program for grade-schoolers.
    Update: Asked the Friends for a Learning Lab with laptops and iPads for 2016!
  • EITC Grant for Summer Reading Program in 2016.  Hatboro has done very well with this grant and now that I know about it, I want to see if we can benefit, as well.
    Update: Still on my radar.


  • Move Web site to a Content Management System so staff can keep it up-to-date and merge the News Blog with the Web site.
    Update: We picked WordPress and this is on the calendar for winter break.
  • MCLINC Strategic Planning Committee.
    Update: I’ve enjoyed this process and getting to know some of the other librarians in the county better.
  • Improve the Browse-ability of the Collection.
    Update: Still need new signage.
  • Enhance the Friends Media Room (formerly called the multi-purpose or storytime room).
    Update: The Board voted to rename the room in honor of the Friends at the May Board meeting.  The new AV equipment will be installed in November.
  • Taste of Culture Fall Event, possibly with an Asian focus and feature a tasting of soups.
    Update: May have to postpone.

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