PLA Musings

The very best part of conference is seeing my colleagues and mentors. We’ve talked about program ideas, the Girl Scouts idea for a 5-senses garden redesign at HVL, staffing and budget challenges, and much more over drinks and meals. I’m very very lucky to call many of these folks my friend and we’ve caught up with pictures and stories and a whole lot of hugs.
I learned yesterday from Simon that part of why I feel so giddy is Seritonin and oxytocin…because I’m back with my tribe. Here’s to more bonding!

Check on the Flickr Photostream for pictures from the conference and exhibit hall.


It’s Sunday and I’m at the family farm near Stilesville, IN compiling notes and relaxing before I fly home tonight.  Here are a few more notes for myself, mainly.  I want to go through the PLA posted programs and see what I missed. I did that after the 2012 PLA in Philly and brought back some very, very useful ideas.

Look up:
Amy Cuddy – and watch the recording about body language – I missed her Saturday morning ‘big idea’ session.
Send staff to the presentations stored on the PLA Web site as C.E. – Facilities 101 – Diana says best one and practical.

We were talking about missions before the closing keynote and Diana said we’re in the “Imagination business” – not just education.  One of the speakers said everything should be wrapped up in terms of education, but she feels that is a slippery slope. Funders might confuse education with what we do, which is unique. As Kim said, “We enhance educaiton, not duplicate it.”

Need to remember to tell the Board that the KLA Ethics training for Trustees is on the Web and open to all.

I also want to think of a good program to present at the 2015 KLA/MLA joint conference in Kansas City.


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