PA Library Code with Stacey

Stacy Aldrich and Sandy Edmunds – Library Code discussion

PA’s Library code was modified Nov. 1, 2012 and the State Library is now looking at the Regulations.  Here they are.

Tips for decoding: anything 9XXX is law, but 1XX references are regulations.  She gave us a quiz…

A few changes to the Code:

  • State Librarian
  • More professional librarians on the advisory council
  • Established ebook standards
  • More waiver flexibility
  • Establishes CE requirements
  • Change from a dollar amount to a percentage of surplus
  • Decreased to 10 days the amount of time someone can go to jail for stealing library materials

Regs are rules based on and meant to carry out the Code.  They are enforced by the State Library.  Important Chapters are: 131, 133, 137, 141, 142, 143

Goals for the Revision:

  1. Remove inconsistencies
  2. Create a reader-friendly format
  3. Improve libraries and library service across the state

Much discussion ensued when Stacey asked for feedback on the Hours of Service change from a prescriptive model (7 hours on the weekend) to hours of service based on community use patterns.  How do we measure community use patterns and how do we prove to the State that our hours of service are justified?  For example, how do we tell if Sunday hours are popular if we aren’t open on Sunday to see?  Survey?  I think her point was that we need more community input and engagement in our decision making process.  I agree.

We also discussed the role of the Incentive for Excellence funding that Stacey sees as leverage (not a subsidy) and a way to get more local investment.  The state will provide the tools we need to educate local government and our Boards on these incentives.  The Board should be able to articulate code and state aid to the local governments.

The crowd decided that her requirements for continuing education were too low and we suggested some changes, like having staff CE requirements for 10 hour a week employees, not just 20+ hour a week workers.

“We want to improve the quality of our libraries.” – Stacey

There are not regulations regarding Trustee training and education – we thought this should change.  (I will share the NEKLS standards with Stacey, since they do address Trustee ed and many other issues we talked about in this session.)

One idea regarding Web sites was to require access to the online catalog – that seems reasonable to me!

The discussion went long and ended with questions about the role of the District Library Consultants, especially in system libraries.


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