Annual Reports

In Pennsylvania, if someone says “annual report” they mean the Public Library statistical report that we all have to complete in the spring.

Well, when I was a newbie director, the NEKLS grant application said I had to have an annual report (although I think I just realized that meant I had to complete the state statistical report).  Anyway, I went online and found this great 2-page report template for the Anytown Public Library from Iowa and used it in Tonganoxie way back in 2003.  I brought a sample of my favorite Tongie-era documents with me to Pennsylvania…so guess what our 2012 Annual Report for Huntingdon Valley looks like?  It was nice enough to impress my Board and the Statistical Story was approved by my statistics-teaching Saturday supervisor.  I hope Iowa still uses this with their libraries.  It’s a good exercise to condense a year’s worth of activity into a neat package for Superintendents and Commissioners and City Managers and such.

HVL Annual Report 2012



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