Leadership on a bad day

Today was not a good, good day.  Seemed that communications were messing up right, left and center.  A type ‘white’ when you mean ‘black’ kind of day.  So, to cheer myself up…along with my Sierra Nevada Tumbler autumn brown ale, I’m taking in a few TED talks on Leadership.

Drew Dudley – Everyday Leadership

Marianne Williamson said, ‘It is not our greatest fear that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.’ My call to action today is that we need to get over that. We need to get over our fear of how extraordinarily power we can be in each others lives. We need to get over it so we can move beyond it.”

Margaret Heffernan: Dare to Disagree

“it’s a fantastic model of collaboration. Thinking partners who aren’t echo chambers.  … Alice and George were very good at conflict, they saw it as thinking.  So what would that kind of constructive conflict require? Well first of all, it would require that we find people who are very different from ourselves. … When we dare to break to see and create conflict, we enable ourselves and those around us to do our very best thinking.”

More about customer service, as that’s the topic of conversation at tomorrow’s Staff Meeting.  What is it and how do we nurture it?

  • 8 Rules for Good Customer Servicefrom Small Business: Canada
    • “The essence of good customer service is forming a relationship with customers – a relationship that that individual customer feels that he would like to pursue.”
    • How? Answer the Phone | Don’t make promises unless you will keep them | Listen to Your Customers | Deal with complaints | Be helpful – even if there is no immediate profit in it | Train your staff to be helpful | Take the extra step | Throw in something extra
  • Tips for Better Customer Service
    • Be Available in a Timely manner – Acknowledge them AS SOON as POSSIBLE
    • Greet the Customer in a friendly, but appropriate way – “Hi, how may I help you?”
    • Appear eager to help
    • Help out by listening and solving the customer’s problem
    • Be cheerful, courteous and respectful throughout the customer service interaction.
    • Close the customer service interaction appropriately.  “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
    • “In one sense, providing good customer service is the simplest thing in the world. All you have to do is treat all your customers like you would like to be treated. But in another sense, because customer service involves human beings interacting with one another, providing good customer service is quite complex.”

Good stuff. Now, may tomorrow’s Staff meeting go swimmingly.


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