Libraries in Pictures

How did I spend my one-month anniversary as new Director? We closed the library! The staff in-service was a success, I think, even though several staff members couldn’t attend. A few things we saw that we liked, in no particular order:

  • staff lockers
  • Check-in station front and center – first thing you see when you walk in the door
  • Sit-down patron registration / conference area to calmly discuss fines, overdues, and lost materials – the act of sitting down helps diffuse some stressful situations
  • Bulletin Board dedicated to school children’s art work
  • REAL art work in REAL frames mounted on the walls
  • Picture books by topic, then sub-topic, then author – “Stories > Folklore > Smith, J”
  • Family Place libraries with games, train tables, play stations, butcher paper/crayons, and puppets
  • Videogame collections – we need to start one and buy gaming consoles as well!
  • Oversized Book area – we need to pull out, weed and re-locate our oversized books
  • Interfile Reference (after a heavy weed) – keep as reference only investment, encyclopedias and collector-related books
  • Have “Areas” – AV, Computers, Study, Reading
  • Separate Public Service Desk from staff work desk – keep the mess in the back!
  • Get PC Reservation and a networked color copier to use LPT1
  • Buy couches for the children’s area
  • Consider adding more quick look up stations (thin clients? Eeeboxes?)
  • Create a Quiet area
  • Have teen volunteers shelf-read
  • Put photoshop on public computers – get more computers or laptops?
  • Start an adult Graphic Novel collection
  • Change our DVD rental policy – as in only have very, very high demand movies as “rentals” and expand our book rental program, make the rest of the DVDs FREE.
  • Decrease our DVD overdues from $2 to $1
  • Decrease our Lost library card replacement fee from $5 to $1, then sell new cards for $.50 during a promotional period

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