Copyright Release to the Rescue

In an effort to get some loose ends tied up with the Northeast Kansas History project, I’m researching Copyright Release forms.  We also need to have another Kete History Hipsters meeting and I think a “Let’s Get Started” check list would be useful.  Jim at Tongie and Claudia at Atchison are both itching to start scanning.

List of possible sources:

From Wisconsin Historical Society – Permissions and Copyright page.  This blurb is very interesting – if true, it certainly takes some of the burden off of us:

The Wisconsin Historical Society does not own the copyright to most images in its collections. It is your responsibility to determine whether your proposed use violates copyright, and if so, to obtain permission from the copyright owner. In some cases, we have written agreements with copyright holders. In others, copyright has lapsed. Often, it is not clear who owns copyright. You, the user, are legally liable for complying with the provisions of the law. For more information on copyright, consult the U.S. Copyright Office publications.