Spring Assembly: Business meeting

Jim speaks, we listen…NEKLS Members have a history of being innovators (KLOW and Courier and NExpress). We are risk-takers.

Two of our major programs have reached a state of ‘relative’ stability. NExpress has mellowed out and we are well-connected. Courier Service is operating well, too.

Less Clear: Legislative issues that we need to be aware of include the State Library’s Budget Proposal (continuation budget and an enhancement budget (hopes and wishes for the Governor’s budget)) – the Senate added back in all the enhancement budget for electronic services, databases and some other things. While the Senate is supportive, the House usually is less supportive and there is a fight going on. Jim suggests that the libraries let House Representatives know that you support the State Library Budget. Kan-ed was covered by Carol Barta…

Removal of the exemption of libraries from the right to carry concealed weapons law. Passed the House, may not pass the Senate. Library can pass a resolution to prohibit firearms.

LAVTR – Tax reduction measure that supposedly provides STate fund to local governments, so they’ll lower local taxes…but the Bills would require that the tax reduction. One form in the House has an opt-out provision (Library would have to pass a resolution / protest – same process as a charter ordinance) – similar to 90’s tax lids. Other version is very different.

Plan and Budget for 2013:

  • Board has decided that we need a System Business meeting in August – 20 for a Quorum – we need to follow the Statute and approve the Budget in August (not just the estimated budget, which we approve in April).
  • FullfILLment – New ILL software (OSS). NEKLS has agreed to do a pilot test (Summer or Fall). After the test, we will decide if it’s best to replace Autographics with this different service. Management of NExpress and FullfILLment would be similar. Equinox = Koha support vendor. Would lead to additional support staff for NEKLS.
  • eContent – Constantly changing, but will work with the State and look at other alternatives and have a small grant program (Role of Libraries in the eBook era – what other things do libraries do??) Experiment and explore.
  • Increase Grants to Public Libraries (increase each year) by 3%.
  • More with Children’s Services, including a new Fall workshop and support of 6 by 6 program. Any economic impact on a participating library? Staff time would be the main cost.
  • Broadband – A LONG TERM project – how to maintain bandwidth that meets needs. Regardless of Kan-ed – how do we get adequate bandwidth in our libraries??
  • New Strategic Planning Process later this year. “Exceptional Important” – pulls us up to 2015.


  • We need to adjust our levy rate (for the first time since 2008) because of changes in assessed valuations. We have increased library Grants by 15% over last 5 years, with additional 3% for next year. Not enough carry-over, now. We have to quit doing something or raise our tax rate. Increase to 1.35 Mil – increased 1/10th of a Mil. Held the last increase for 5 years.



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