KLA 2012: Tech Tips Lightning Rounds

Janelle Jarboe Mercer, SWKLS | April 12, 2012

5 Minute limits

  • PicMonkey – http://www.picmonkey.com/ – Good replacement for picnik to edit photos via the Web for Free.
  • Jing – Screencasting – instructions from 23 Things – http://www.23thingskansas.org/week-12-screencasting/
  • Fix Autofill Wrong Name on Email – How to replace Royce with Kelly – Gmail fix: Mail > Contacts > Other Contacts > tap on name to fix it
  • Search Your Screen (Heather) – Edit > Find on This Page.  Ctrl+f or Command+f  – works in most Web browsers, plus in Koha – do a Barcode search on the page
  • Evernote – Web site, app and software. Creates digital notebooks (free or premium) with individual notes with attachments, tags, sound, files, links, etc. Clip parts or whole Web pages – digital archive.  Synch content on multiple devices – take a picture of the sticky note and send it to Evernote as a back up!  Blog shares ideas for how others use Evernote (recipes, research, productivity, etc.).  You can share notebooks.  If you have it on your device, it won’t synch but you can access what is already downloaded.
  • If This Then That – http://ifttt.com/ – A way to create rules for your social networking accounts.  Takes most-used Web sites and create task combinations.
  • Pinteresthttp://pinterest.com/ – Visual bookmarking. Changing markets, like Wedding Planning.  pinterest/swlks or pinterest/nekls or pinterest/lybrarian  Also can pin to Koha – online book displays.
  • Travel Wallet – Free App – Set your budget and monitor on the iPad.  Scan receipts, too.
  • DropBox App – 8 branches/mini locations.  Copying documents on courier was creating problems. Use a Joint account and you get auto-synching.  Free version has 10 G of storage.  Also used to share out Board Documents (at NEKLS).
  • Logmein or Join.me or Rescueme – Remote computer viewing software.  Joinme is good for Patron computers!  See what they see – ex, Talking books patron.
  • Core Tech Competencies for Library Staff – Maribeth’s Web site! hypertechie.blogspot.com – Tutorials, PDFs, lessons, skill testing – self-paced (like 23 Things)
  • 23 Things Kansas – Still great info and lessons for all Web 2.0 programs, like screencasting
  • Apple App – Dragon Dictation – Will type it word for word what you say.  Use it to transcribe an interview or book report.  Learn how to speak to it (Kansas Twang issue)
  • WiFi Android App – Wifi Analyzer– graphic illustration of wireless in the building – Kerry Ingersoll’s
    • NetSurveyor can be used on a Laptop – to find a neighbor’s signal blow-out
    • Fake Access Point/virus of “Free Public Wifi” – Use it to help people find and remove this from their laptop
    • Use it to identify WHERE the wireless access point is physically located in a building
  • Dan’s Suggestion – How to root a nook using the SD Card:  http://www.cyanogenmod.com/devices/nook-color
  • WordPress.com – Free blogging software – useful to store notes!
  • iLibrarian Blog –  http://oedb.org/blogs/ilibrarian/ – Technique to organize your Web site using Card sorting and Personal Digital Archiving solutions.
  • Updates – File hippo – http://www.filehippo.com/ – Good for System Administrators

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