KLA 2012: Kansas EZ Library

Lianne Flax, State Library of Kansas | Kansas EZ Library | April, 12, 2012

Kansas EZ Library Web site: http://www.kslib.info/digitalbooks

Divided between Audiobooks and eBooks, written for patrons and includes tutorials and instructions…both written and video.  Notices for patrons are included, as well.  Lianne has also put information about the Beta progress, for the geeks out there interested in the testing process.

Most common question: What is my User name and Password?

OneClick Digital  – Start with registration (KSLC or supported local library card), consider downloading the Media Manager, Check out a book.  State Library Logo = Kansas EZ Library Page.  Always Available Search NOW WORKS.  Woot!  It’s on the Advanced Search page and you can limit by availability as a filter.

  • From the Beta Testing Page “Apple Mobile App Debuts-4/6/12! iPad/iPhone/iPod users, please search your App Store for “oneclickdigital” and you will find the mobile app. Please realize this is a first functional beta version of the app.”
  • Media Manager is a bit more anonymous, preferences have been simplified, and hopefully this will work better in a public computing environment.  Mac version only works with Apple devices.
  • Feedback on the download process has been improved – downloads in the background and provides visual feedback (illustration).  Also gives feedback during transfer to a device.
  • Push the upgrades.  Make sure Patrons don’t have their MP3 Player on SHUFFLE!
  • Some MP3 Players have track info, others do not.  Depends on the player.
  • Disallow the Auto Download – Add this to Tips and Tricks.
  • Updates: Company support, genre & target audience fix, expanded compatibility and an Android app (may be ready by June 1ish).
    • Look at the Compatibility list – it will “soon” be expanded
    • Vista and 7 Machines may work with older devices, now – she’ll post something about this soon
  • Mobile App is already under re-development!  Send feedback to Lianne.  Lianne gives kudos to Amber at OneClick.  Good news!
  • MARC record development issues still under consideration (from Heather).

3 M Cloud Library – Download, Log in, Checkout, read and transfer

  • Able to sort the List View – Categories = subject views.
  • Search has improved, including Advanced Search and Only Available!
  • Default order for Shelves – we can adjust.  Still being improved.
  • Downloads to device from computer QUICKLY (NookColor and Kindle Fire apps hopefully will come soon)
  • At NEKLS, we were able to download to the Fire using 3rd party software.  Dan has written instructions of this process.  (.pdf)
  • Updates: Kindle Update – no new news until June.  Computer App updates, hosting install files on the 3M site (not the State Libraries), Website rollout.  Install UPDATE.  You can clear your reading history.
  • If you have Adobe Digital editions on your computer and download 3M, it sees the Adobe ID and uses that. May encounter issues with mobile v. PC app b/c of the Adobe ID.  Be aware of the ORDER of Operations.
  • Number of Device limitations – Library issue b/c of our testing protocols.  Limited to 6 devices.  Create several testing accounts – make multiple accounts to trick a system (like hbraum+3M@nekls.org)…but don’t actually use Heather’s email 😉


  • 8422 patron accoutns, new in March. Purchase!  7714 Circ for OneClick.
  • 3M: 231 patrons and 982 Total Circ.  Daily average is 31
  • Collection size – 3,500 (or so) titles in OneClick.  1,000 in 3M

MARC Records 

  • OneClick – yes, 3M – no

What’s Next?

  • Full Training Sessions
  • Webpage Updates so we can create tutorials and enhance Digital Help
  • Help by Contributing to materials purchased.
  • Reporting errors and compatible devices.  Share with her 3M Android Compatible devices (Earl Givens, Jr. we are looking at you.)
  • Discount for OneClick Digital – 42% discount on any digital RecordedBooks titles until the end of MAY.  Search on Admin page by Publisher.
  • Wish Lists in OneClick – you can put items in the wish list that you can’t put on hold.  OneClick has patron recommendations, while 3M uses the Wish List to determine patron recommendations (similar book suggestions)
  • Email Lianne at: audiobooks@library.ks.gov or join.me/ksezlibrary (chat reference)
  • UPDATE your hardware, including the MP3 player

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