KLA 2012: Building Tech Confident Staff

Maribeth Turner, Central Kansas Library System | hypertechie.blogspot.com | 2 pm, Apr. 12, 2012

Note: The Online Evaluation for Conference is NOW LIVE.

I’m interested in hearing what Maribeth has to say about Core Tech Skills – this was sort of the gist of my part of the 2012 Trustee Training.  Mixed group of people with lower tech skills and tech trainers.  Core Skills came from Tech Atlas – the same PDFs that I pulled – Public Access Computing Technology Competencies and Competency Index for the Library Field.

Ultimate Goal is to be Tech Saavy Super User and Start with a Great Attitude!

Skills or Competencies to have, according to Tech Atlas:

  • Email and Calendars – manage mail, add/manage attachments, create/invite people to events and share your calendar
  • Hardware – the jargon, functions, connections – how to connect and use USB storage devices
  • Internet – Browsers that are available – and Maribeth has great instructional information for each!
  • Operating Systems – Know which OS being used (Mac v. PC v. Linux), start/reboot/file management
  • Software Applications – Understands and performs basic functions and tasks of common software programs
  • Web Tools – Web 2.0, blogs, feeds, IM, bookmarking, photo sharing, dropbox, and HOW to find support
  • Mobile Devices – Mobile v. regular computer, find apps, eBooks, synching
  • Security – Understands and practices basic security, secure passwords, identify malware/spam

Where do you Start?  
Maribeth added a Staff Tech Skills Survey to help figure out where to start the learning process!  She also has some good basic information about Common File Extensions.   Her Analog to Digital Workout plan is set to cover 14 weeks and staff can take it at their own pace.

Discussion: You can complete this as self-paced training, as lab training or even public training. It’s also good as Just in Time training.  Make the site interactive or include gaming elements?  Yes, she wants to make it more fun.  I like the idea of having a medal at the end!

What People tips do you have to make this stick or make the person ‘believe they can do it’?  Attitude, encouragement, help them practice the skill, have her teach the skill – helps with retention.  Find an older mentor or teacher to help with age-related resistance.  Another idea is to have the person write their own manual, in their hand-writing.  Adapt the training to their learning style.  Charlene says, “play the Helen card” – she’s 90 and a great way to break the ice.  Also take a SLOW speed.

Do you include LearningExpress lessons?  Not yet – but she’s open to suggestions and recommendations.

All online, so patrons could use this as well.  Include with Job skill training program, for example.

My thoughts:
I think this is a very useful site that can be put into practice at libraries of many sizes.  It’s basic and simple and that is what makes it useful!  I’d like to get Heather’s feedback on this as an online learning tool.  I’m glad she mentioned/referred to 23 Things Kansas for the Web Tools section – It’s slightly old info, but still useful.  She’s also open to suggestions for tutorials and wants this site to be “a living document” and encourages us to provide comments.  Good job, Maribeth!


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