Post of PLA Posts

So, I’m coming through the PLA “Educational Sessions” (aka Programs) page finding handouts and such that I want to keep…and I thought I’d share.  I’ve also found some useful posts by other compulsive note-takers who attended stuff I didn’t get to attend.

  • Commando Diplomacy with Amy Hartman and Meg Delaney – Laura attended this one and the Bibliography looks very good and they recently posted the powerpoint presentation with notes (.pptx).  I’ll be picking her brain.
  • Abolishing Performance Evaluations: Why They Don’t Work and What Does with Amy Helm and Carrie Herrmann – I’ve already shared their A.P.O.P (Annual Piece of Paper) with Jim and Laura and the Performance Development and Management (.docx) portion of their Employee Manual is so straight forward!  I love it.
  • Now What?  12 steps to thriving in a different world  with Karen Hyman and Peter Bromberg – Handout and Presentation – Step into the Present, Connect authors and readers, re-evaluate safety and control, Yes and… – all stuff we’ve been talking about here at NEKLS – woot.
  • Technology Petting Zoos in Public Libraries with Lisa Varga and Cindy Church Presentation Slides – I have carrying case envy – their Pelican Case 1650 is bad-ass…but Dan says it was WAY too expensive for our Toy Box.
  • Transforming Public Libraries from Institutions of the Industrial Age to Change Agents for the Networked Society with Rolf Hapel, director of Aarhus Public Libraries, Denmark- this one I shouldn’t have missed.  Lucky for me, there’s a YouTube video.  Additional notes on this one from 23 Things on a Director’s Mind. Oh, and here’s the Presentation….wow, that woulda blown my noggin.
  • Creating a Vibrant Organizational Culture with Richard Mott ad Cheryl Gould  – this is a recap of the Trustee Training I gave!  They talk about change, engaging employees, and how a vibrant organizational culture is more about “customer’s needs” than “My job is…”  Right on!  Here’s the Entire Presentation, Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and a handout on Why Change Efforts Typically Fail from Leading at a Higher Level by Ken Blanchard.  Laura went to this one and will share her notes.
  • Management Without FearMy Notes are Here.  I really  enjoyed this one.  A pep talk of sorts to do what needs to be done, even if it sucks.
  • Program-Palooza with Jennifer Lawson and Pat Downs. Library Journal did a “rundown in brief” of this one – some good ideas for programs!  Anything pet-related will work or consider inviting police/fire folks to have a touch-a-truck program or consider doing a food-related event (this worked for Kelly at Tonganoxie, her International Bread Tasting program to promote Mango languages brought in 60 people, easy).
  • The alt+library: Designing Programs for a 20s-30s audience with Lori Easterwood and Jessica Zaker – this was a popular ConverStation.  Thank you to Nic Bits for these great Notes. I’d love to host a Broke A** Holidays clothes swap/craft session and I could definitely get behind a program on brewing beer!
  • Sustainable Thinking: Passageway to Better Buildings, Budgets & Beyond – This is the slickest Presentation I think I’ve ever seen.  I’d support a green future.  This reminds me of the MPLA program about Environmental Building Designs.
  • The Future of Libraries: Trends in Building Design, User Experience, and Community Partnerships with Ruth Baleiko and Dri Ralph.  Nothing up yet as far as handouts go, but I found some lovely notes from 21st Century Librarian.  I also did some digging into the Miller Hull firm and found a blog post by Ruth Coates on Libraries.  I like these ideas: Lots of Windows so the library activity is visible from the street.
  • Losing My Religion: Crafting Meeting Room Policies that Keep You In Charge and Out of Court with Deborah Caldwell Stone and Theresa Chmara  – Given that we’re talking about this topic at our System Consultant meetings…I thought I’d pull this and post it.
  • The Elusive Non-User: How Can Libraries Find Out What Non-Users Want? with Donna Fletcher and Paula Singer.  This one seems pretty straight-forward.
  • Can’t, Won’t, Don’t, Couldn’t, Shouldn’t, Wouldn’t: Combating Negativity Nellies in the Workplace with Vicky Baker – this one rated an encore!  Can’t Won’t Participant Guide (.pdf) and Negativity assessment and great Notes from the SELCO – thanks Mollie!  I’ve already shared this with Laura and Brenda – I think we should invite Vicky to NEKLS for a third encore.
  • Leaders as Readers: What Happens When Directors Chose Reading as a Core Initiative with Many People – Kelly went to this one. I need her notes…dammit.

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