iPad in Philly

My plan for tech at PLA is the Toy Box iPad and Heather’s adonit keyboard docking station thingy. This is my test post for the WordPress app. So far, so good. I think I can do my live blogging using this tiny little keyboard. I also need to personalize this a bit – make sure I can get into my gmail, chat, know all the passwords in case I need to upgrade or install some exciting new app I hear about at Conference.

Speaking of Conference…I’m looking forward to chatting with the 3M reps, Recorded Books, and maybe Bywater. The Admin/Management track has the most stars by it – “Leaders as Readers,” “Can’t, Won’t, Don’t, Couldn’t, Shouldn’t, Wouldn’t: Combating Negativity Nellies in the Workplace,” and “Saying Yes to the Community” all look good. Of course, I’ll be going to “Isn’t it Romantic” with several very good Romance authors and “Why Libraries Matter: Empowering Community Voices” also looks interesting. As for Tech – not much of interest. Computers in Libraries and Internet Librarian fill that need, I suppose.

OK, time to get through my email so I can go home and pack! Right after I see if I can insert a photo…



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