OneClickDigital Mac Media Manager

After a brief bit of trouble figuring out how to find my MacBook App store (not iTunes)…I installed the newly-released Recorded Books OneClickDigital Media Manager (search “oneclickdigital”).  Easy to install, easy to log in, and easy to use.  I actually found some smut I want to listen to (Jayne Ann Krentz) and will enjoy doing that while I catalog the two tubs of books I have sitting here at my desk!

The biggest issue I had turned out to be my own impatience.  I found something available. I checked it out. It downloaded it to my downloads folder. I clicked on it. It automatically opened the Media Manager. Then…nothing. I hit refresh, I logged out and logged back in. I went back to the OneClick Web site to verify that I did in fact have the books checked out on my account.  Still, nothing. I couldn’t figure out why the titles weren’t appearing in the Manager.  Well, in the time it took me to record this ‘issue’ (with Jing!) — the titles had finally finished doing whatever they needed to do to show up.  I’m now listening to one.

I shared this with the State Library, who I hope shares it with the developers…some kind of visual feedback – a spinning wheel, a turning hourglass, whatever – is needed so I understand that I just need to be patient.

In other exciting news – we may be able to actually purchase content for this and 3M by early next week.  Woot!



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