Amigos Tech Conference

Technology: Unexpected Consequences of Legislation and Policies in Libraries | Amigos Tech Conference |  #amigostech

John Palfrey | Digital Public Library of America

What does “Free to All” look like and what will the digital reading room look like?  What does the next generation learning environment look like?

  • DPLA will be Open Source, as will the metadata.
  • Goal is to make this a global platform – right now the US is ‘behind’ in that we don’t have a national digital library
  • How can we connect digital libraries?  Link up different digital media library efforts with metadata
    • Goal to Create a single, shared collection between two systems about, for example, Immigration – connect European and American digital collections via metadata.
    • Think about how to curate this collection.
  • Outcome – sustainable, think big, work together to create the ideal vision – whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Scale: Wikipedia in size, SourceForge-type collection of Open Source software built for this project and shared – think BIG.

Libraries and Technology: It is the Best of the Times, It is the worst of times | Rhoda Goldberg, Michael Saperstein

  • Children’s Internet Protection Act from 2000 – CIPA filtering requirements and the Patriot Act also impacted library policies and procedures – what do you do if warrants were served?
  • Net Neutrality – Stay aware of the issues.  Free Access to Internet.
  • Online Piracy – SOPA and PIPA…Google and Wikipedia caused such a stink that there was a web blackout, with the result that Congress is back to studying this issue more.
  • In the age of technology, how to you protect the rights of the authors and inventors as outlined in the Constitution?
  • Copyright and Digital – ebooks is 16% of the market.  Older titles being self-published by authors as eBooks…and are very popular.
  • Portable Devices – how do we keep up with this new technology?  Staff training – when customers bring their device, they should get help!
    • Purchase a device for staff-use only.  Use it, understand the process, play.
    • Classes for the Public – hold separate class for each device (Android only, Apple only, Kindle only)
  • Amazon and Publishing – Kindle Lending Library is free for Prime members (at $79 a year).  Allowed to check out one title at a time a month.
    • Authors are paid depending on how often their books circulate
    • Upped the amount set aside for authors from $500,000 to $700,000, due to the popularity
    • 295,000 loans in December, alone.
    • Not a threat, but testing the waters for something bigger?
    • Authors got $1.70 per lend.  What if authors charge libraries??

Tip to presenters – don’t read your entire presentation…it’s boring and hard to follow.  Speak from an outline, watch your ‘ums’ and try to sound interested.  Lordy.


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