Depressing Thoughts on Digitization

We had our Copyright workshop today – Copyright Basics with Chris LeBeau, Assistant Teaching Professor for the University of Missouri’s School of Information Science and Learning Technologies – and we certainly learned A LOT.  Unfortunately as regards digital content, we mostly learned about what we can’t and shouldn’t do.

As one participant said, we were “depressed.”  But, rather than give up, it’s time to do what I do when I’m fuzzy about a topic.   Research, study, learn and do.

When some may say…’um, why didn’t you get your ducks in a row before jumping in with both feet?’…I say, where’s the fun in that?  I’m more of a cannonball and see where the ducks end up after the big splash kind of person.

So, in an effort to be a duck-arranger, I am making a list:

Step one – contact the fine folks in Nebraska who spoke at the Digitizing Hidden Collections Webinar and see if they’d be open to an informal Q & A session over Elluminate.  Their project – Nebraska Memories – is more like Kansas Memory in that they require primary source (high quality) materials.  Our project isn’t quite as, um…fussy (we are all about low quality, medium quality,  whatever-you-pull-out-of-that-shoebox quality).  I would still be interested in hearing how they tackled some of the issues we will tackle, as related to copyright and release forms, etc.

Step two – Set up a Google doc where we can share questions, concerns, ideas, and gripes.

Step three – Set up a Kete History Hipster’s mailing list.

Step four – Find, review, beg, borrow and steal (jk) release forms and participation agreements and whatever other legal bits of paper we need to cover our collective butts.

  • Also need to make sure that participants are reading through the Terms and Conditions, House Rules and everything else you can get to from the Kete’s About page.

Step five – See what’s already been added that may need to be removed.  This is one of those depressing bits.

Five easy steps, cake!


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