Reading just became EZ-ier?

State Library sent out some promotional materials yesterday:

For those who love the convenience of downloading ebooks and audiobooks to their personal electronic devices, the opportunity to sign on with two new vendors is underway.

The State Library of Kansas and the NExpress Shared Catalog are pleased to announce the Kansas EZ Library of digital books available to all Kansas library users. Acting on behalf of Kansas libraries, the State Library of Kansas has entered into agreements with OneClickDigital (for downloadable audiobooks) and 3M (for downloadable eBooks).

OneClickDigital for audiobooks is available via the State Library of Kansas and the NExpress Shared Catalog. Books can be accessed at this site Users must have a Kansas Library card that can be requested at your local library or use their NExpress Shared Catalog card from one of the participating NExpress libraries to register for OneClickDigital.

Regular users of the download service will find the new interface with OneClickDigital much simpler and faster to use. Video and written tutorials are available at to assist individuals in using the new service.

In addition, the State Library will begin offering an ebook solution through 3M Cloud Library soon.

Updates for the beginning of this service can be found on the site. The Kansas EZ library page also features other free audiobook and ebook resources available to Kansas readers.

On December 5, the State Library of Kansas ended its six-year contract OverDrive, a source for downloadable books. The books previously available for checkout through OverDrive and possibly on hold for patrons will no longer be accessible. However, thanks to the diligence of the State Library, many of the titles popular with customers have been transferred to the new vendors’ platforms, and now are available through the two new services.

We added a link to Kansas EZ Library within the My Account section of the NExpress Online catalog so that patrons can register for OneClick Digital without needing a Kansas Library Card Number.  By hitting the 1CD site from our catalog proves that they have an active library card and are authorized to register for the service.  How this will work with 3M is still unknown – it could be we will add a second tab for 3M and rename the existing tab to “OneClickDigital”.

Other news for today – we learned about the Sunflower eLibrary – new mini-consortium of libraries who decided to stay with OverDrive.  Topeka and Wichita libraries also maintained independent contracts with OverDrive.  Interesting development that none of us had heard boo about.

Now, to wait and see when 3M will get the beta ready for testing!!!


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