Recorded Books OneClick Digital Overview with Steve

Thursday, December 1, 2011 at NEKLS | Steve Wilks, Recorded Books Rep | Kansas EZ Library  | Kansas Library Card | NExpress Catalog |Product Demonstrations for Librarians

NOTICE: OneClick Digital is still in Beta.  That means, it’s in a perpetual state of improvement.  That also means that issues, bugs and improvements we note should be shared with Lianne Flax at the State Library of Kansas.  She will share those with the fine folks at OneClick Digital.

Steve has been working with Recorded Books through the development of the new site.  This is still a work in progress.  Ready to launch.  Play, spend some time with it and ‘see where it takes you.’

Register for OneClick Digital:

  • Direct from the Kansas Library Card using your 6-digit username and password
  • Direct from your local library OPAC (we have a tab embedded in NExpress My Account page)
  • Indirectly you can access these options from the Kansas EZ Library site


  • Newly added, featured and What’s popular tabs will highlight content.  Additional content to come from OverDrive to 1CD in early December.
  • Search for Available Titles – an option under Advanced Search, but gives inconsistent results.  Known issue.
  • Quick Search, Browse by genre (except Fiction…needs to be added)
  • If only option is “Add to Wishlist” – you need to log in to place the item on hold.  It’s checked out.
  • Wishlist is a reading list that you may want to eventually put on hold and check out.  Lasts for 90 days.
  • When you want to place a hold, add to wishlist or check out something, you will LOG IN.  Now, the “hold” button shows up.
  • Hold availability notification by email.  Alerts tab – Same as account email needs to be default. Known issue?
  • Titles will be on hold for 48 hours.  Then goes to next patron in line.
  • Mobile options – can search and place holds – future Webinar on mobile App.  We will test on Web site on smart phone.
  • Devices – Account keeps track of devices that you’ve used in the past.  This is populated when the Media Manager software is used to transfer an audiobook file to your device.
  • View your Wishlist, Check outs, Holds, Notes, etc. under My Collection.  Hold limits?  None at this time.  Checkouts? Ask Lianne.  Is it 5 or 10?
  • Add your own Recommendations – Suggestions for Purchase-type option.
  • Checkout from 1 to 21 days.  Defaults to 21 days.  Able to check in the item early if you use the Media Manager.
  • Advanced Search – Several Known Issues.  Provide input, especially based on patron testing.
    • Target Audience to find Children’s titles
    • Need to add ALL possible genres
    • 200 Classic titles available now.  They are multi-use titles – unlimited access.
  • What are the specs?
  • Number of results requested on Search Results – 400 total, view page 1 of 10, etc.
  • Title cover images being updated now
  • Preview titles – What software does it use?  You can listen before you check out.
  • New and small publishers coming from OverDrive collection will increase the list of publisher’s available, including Blackstone, Books on Tape, HarperCollins, Penguin (?), Simon and Schuster, etc.
  • All of the Recorded Books audiobook library will be available, so a much larger catalog to pull from and purchase content from.
  • HELP section of the Web site includes tutorials.
    • Support emails OneClick Digital, on behalf of the State.  If patrons find the Support page – make sure it is clear that they can contact the local library OR use the form to contact OneClick
    • FAQs – Review these as librarians
    • User Tutorial on OneClick digital Media Manger – Coming soon.  Handouts included.
    • Devices – Always testing new devices.
    • Discussion of supported devices versus unsupported devices – if Media manager does not work with your device, you can Manually Transfer the device.
    • Mac Users –

Media Manager – the Software provided by Recorded Books to manage .ocdf files

  • Works best with a nicely updated computer.
  • Requires .NET framework version 4
  • Asks for newest version of Media Player
  • No Mac version available at this time, but the State Library has been notified.  “In the works.”
  • Automatic updates?  How does that happen?  We have DeepFreeze on patron machines so will need to update manually.
  • Under FAQ, more information about the Media Manager.
  • Renew option only shows if the title is available for renewal.
  • Can Return Now – early return using the Manager
  • Once the title is side-loaded / transfered to a device, you can listen to it until you remove it from the device.
  • Windows Media Player required the download of some DRM files
  • Recommend that patrons download the file fully into Media Manager and then transfer to your device.


  • 10 % discount
  • Bundle discounts – buy the physical and digital with 42% discount for each.
  • Distributed titles will also be discounted
  • $92 – $39


  • Release of digital will be the same as the physical audiobook.

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