Time to Test OneClickdigital

The State Library of Kansas has asked a few of us to beta-test the Audiobooks portion of EZ Library (formerly Audiobooks, Music and More).  Recorded Books has branded the service OneClick Digital and like OverDrive it requires its own Media Manager (aka Media Console) be downloaded and installed on your desktop.  We will be testing this thoroughly with DeepFreeze to see how it will work on a public patron PC.  Also will be testing this on a Mac, on a PC that uses an iPod (and therefore iTunes) and on whatever other computer/device combination we can think of.

So far, so good.  I decided to use the same username/login for OneClick as I do for NExpress – makes it easy to remember.  I did have to give them my KS Library Card number (which I have memorized) at registration, but never again during the process.

I was asked to update software and install .NET Framework 4.0 during the process of installing OneClickdigital Media Manager.

Once I had the Manager installed and logged in with my nifty new username/password, I went back to the Web site and searched for Romance.  Imagine my surprise when all they had were THREE Jane Austen’s and Jane Eyre.  I picked Persuasion.  Oh… guess I should have read the instructions, “All that is loaded so far are titles from the Classics Collection.”

Anyway, I was able to check out the book for two days, have it automatically open and show up in the Media Manager where, after plugging in the Creative Zen mp3 player from the Toy Box and waiting impatiently while the computer recognized it…I transferred the book to the player.

Finding the book on the player AFTER it was downloaded was another matter, altogether.  But that has nothing to do with OneClickdigital and everything to do with me only using this player once a month.

I can also just play the book on my computer.  I wonder if I can burn it to CD?  Doesn’t look like it.

It does help to know that you should have the device un-plugged when downloading books from the site to the computer.  It’s clunky – nothing One Click about it, from an Amazon-users point of view.

Here’s hoping it improves and that the Mac console works.  Heather tested this and gave pages of feedback.




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