Paranormal Companion – YA Versions

Paranormal Fiction for Teens – Jenny Ellis and Beth Atwater

Vampires – Nosfaratu versus Salvatore Brothers

Zombies – Night of the Living Dead v. Lovable Zombies and traditional Scary Zombies (Rot & Ruin)

Fairies & Pixies – Tinkerbelle versus Tithe, Need and Wicked Lovely (scary

Werewolves (and other Were animals) – Wolfman verus Team Jacob (and Friends) and transition years (Teen wolf of the 80s versus the new MTV series)

Witches & Sorcerers – Wicked Witch versus Mean girls, smart girls, and the woefully misunderstood girls

Ancient Mythology – Clash of the Titans versus Courageous and talented, but oh so human themselves (Lightning Thief, Goddess Test, Touch of Frost)

The “Victims” – Fall in the woods versus YA non-victims

Slayers – VanHelsing versus Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Vampire Academy (Rose)

Demons and Banshees – Legends Tim Curry versus Demon’s Lexicon, Soul Enchilada and My Soul to Take

Angels – Cheribs versus Halo(?) – missed some of these…

Grim Reapers – Death versus Hold me Closer Necromancer and Reaper by Rachel Vincent

And Just Plain Strange – Angelfire, Fury, evermore, Paranormalcy, SMoke and Bone

Dystopian?  Water-borne?  What else?  Beth gave us a great 3-page, full-color handout.  I’ll see if I can share it.

Beth’s Paranormal YA Handout

Book Trailers with Jenny (I will find these on YouTube and share…I promise) 

Zombie, Steampunk Romance – Dearly, Departed by Lisa Habel

Die for Me – by Amy Plum.  Kate meets not-so-normal boy in Paris.  Zombies or Gods – which would be more appealing to a young girl?  Had to come up with her own monster – Revenants (spirit that comes back after death).

Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton (from Lawrence, KS) – Watch it

Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell – the American Idol of teen writing – read. write. vote.


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