OneClick Digital – Move over OverDrive

Updates (5/2/2012)

The replacement for OverDrive digital AUDIOBOOKS is going to be Recorded Books OneClick Digital.  The State Library of Kansas is currently testing this new-to-us service and there are several libraries across the nation already using it, so I’ve gathered a few samples below.

Notes (from State Library’s Post):

  • OneClick Digital is a stand-alone Web site – it will NOT be integrated into NExpress unless we find a way to do it ourselves.
  • To download the titles, you will need to use the  One Click Digital Media Manager (so patrons will need to uninstall OverDrive Media Console and install this different (free) Media managing software).
  • This is looking to be a lot like OverDrive – we will need to test and see if this Media Manager will work on public computers…
  • Everyone will have the ability to create their own usernames and passwords. You will not be locked in to using library card numbers and birthdate passwords.
  • Media Manager can be set to download books on hold to your computer as they become available.
  • Audiobooks can be returned early or renewed (if no one else is on hold).
  • For our KLOW Libraries, this means that in mid-November, they will need to remove any Audiobooks, Music and More links and buttons and replace them with something like the one above. Hopefully the State Library will get us a branded logo that says something about Kansas on it…
  • Here is a List of Supported Players (including iPods and Creative Zen players)
  • I’d link to the Demos, but they’re both down.  I emailed Recorded Books…we’ll see if they respond.
  • If these instructions are any indication, Mac users are going to be…challenged.  Maybe iTunes will make is easy on me.
Other libraries using this service:

28 thoughts on “OneClick Digital – Move over OverDrive

  1. We have access to start testing today, but I won’t get to it until next week. I will certainly put it through the Mac paces…I hope, hope, hope that those instructions are for Windows users with iPods, rather than Mac users with iPods…

  2. So far I am skeptical. I downloaded the same audio book from the Los Angeles Library using overdrive and from my library who has recently switched to OneClick. It took OneClick almost three times longer to download the book as it took using overdrive. Overdrive was so easy to use. The instructions for OneClick are lengthy for PC and for Apple. Like all things digital I’m sure most users will figure it out. Those not so much into computers who had an easy time using Overdrive may not like OneClick.

  3. I think Overdrive was a much better environment. OneClick can’t search for avaliable titles, and it is so slow… Go back to Overdrive. Whoever decided OneClick was better made a bad decision. I don;t have the time to open every title trying to find something that is available for checkout. Placing a Hold is a fine idea but I want to find something now ad check it out, not wait until who knows when.

  4. My local library system, San Joaquin Valley in central California has switched to OneClick. BAD MOVE! There previous system was worse than OneClick but it was not Overdrive that they were using. As I said in my comments in December, OneClick is slow, difficult to use – aggravating to use, actually. The librarians or library systems considering the use of OneClick have never used Overdrive. They should get a library card at some system using Overdrive and check out some books there and then check out some books from a system using OneClick. The advantages listed at the top of this page sound like a sales pitch from OneClick. I was corresponding with OneClick about problems I was having with their system. (Why so difficult? Why so slow? Why does the download stop so often?) They have quit replying to my questions.

  5. Overdrive is so much easier, as well as faster. The download took forever. I uninstalled OneClick after 2 hours of frustration last night trying to download a book to my MP3 but getting it only on my computer. My MP3 was recognized but using the transfer to command couldn’t find a folder. Back to Overdrive!

  6. Alachua County in Florida just dumped One Click Digital for all the same problems you are having. The program just doesn’t work right and is so difficult to use.

  7. OneClickdigital has an issue with most of the audio files!! I never had this many issues with Overdrive … EVER! Is Oneclick still in beta testing or something? I agree, back to Overdrive!!

  8. Yes to the Beta testing. We can’t afford the 700% increase OverDrive wants us to pay, so if OneClick doesn’t work out..we’ll have to look elsewhere.

  9. This is the absolutely worst “enhancement” you could have done! It is difficult to even try to use, you have to convert the downloads once you finally achieve that goal and then move into your itunes account you’re exhausted before you even get to hear the enjoyment of an audio book that used to be done in mere minutes.

    1. I will make sure to direct the State Library of Kansas to the comments on this post, which they may share with Recorded Books. As a beta program, any bugs/issues/problems that are identified can (hopefully) be (quickly) fixed with upgrades to the software.

    2. I probably listen on average to 8-10 audiobooks per month downloaded from several different library systems in California. Overdrive is never a problem. OneClick is always a problem. I’ve heard that Overdrive costs the libraries a lot more than OneClick does, but have not been able to verify that. Can’t seem to get a response from the libraries who use it.

  10. Albuquerque, NM. My experience with OneClickdigital : Despite following their tutorials, I’ve not been able to reliably download any audiobooks. It worked one time, seemingly by accident. The Digital Media Manager doesn’t display my checked out books and won’t download either from the site itself or through the Media Manager.

    OTOH, Overdrive Media has never given me a problem and I’ve probably downloaded a few hundred books (I’ve listened to audiobooks for years!).

    I’ve spent too many hours researching a solution and I’ve never had a response from the company and my library only refers me back to the company.

    Thumbs down from me for OneClickdigital.

  11. This is really sad- not only does it not support most of the common readers (kindle, etc) but all the tutorials and help info is in video form so we sit looking at irrelevant information, hoping an answer will fall in our laps rather than browsing printed material and finding what we need.
    A very poor replacement.

  12. OneClickDigital was banned from my Australian Mac App Store. I am in Australia and a card-holder in a local Aussie library. The local library gave me the link, but I could not download.

    I finally got the app from the iTunes software. App Store software did not recognize any version of One Click Digital (such as no spaces, lowercase, Proper Case or partial text string)

  13. Just to add to the running list, this is such an awful item, Particularly how it locks up my screen at times. Today it started downloading the book all over again. And I think it only got part way though. Just an awful piece of junk.

  14. The reason I no longer tell anyone about the State of Kansas Library card is One Click Digital. They YouTube videos posted that show “work arounds.” I don’t have time to sit around watching YouTube videos. I work two jobs – I’m either coming or going. The precious little time I have free, I just want to multitask; listen to good books along with such mundane things as driving to and from work, laundry, cooking, cleaning … and yes even my shower time.

    I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it’s been trying to deal with this product. The new App for One Click (Android) is complete rubbish too. It constantly uses ALL OF THE AVAILABLE MEMORY ON MY PHONE THEN CRASHES CONSTANTLY. I’ve uninstalled many of my Apps – some I even paid MONEY for just to get the program to work BUT IT CONTINUES TO CRASH. The problem is that I HAVE TO USE THE INTERNAL MEMORY ON MY PHONE AND NOT THE MICRO SD CARD. Yes, I know, digital copyrights, but really ….

    I have three books checked out. It’s taken me way too long to listen to just one book. I spend more time trying to get back to the place I was in the book after the constant crashes than I have actually listening to the book (even when using bookmarks – it never goes back to the bookmark place and when it does, sometimes it just randomly switches to a previous chapter.) I can’t even listen to the book from the One Click Digital installed on my computer … WHY NOT?

    Fix this problem; make the program usable for EVERYONE. Make it work, make the vendor make it work whatever needs to be done. I have two other books I’m sure will expire before I have a chance to get frustrated with them too.

  15. This is such an unstable, frustrating and sadly, problem app to use(if you get to use it!) It could have been a fantastic way to go and I keep reading trying to find how to get it to operate.

  16. OneClick is still very very buggy. Very frustrating. It should be abandoned as they have had plenty of time to fix it and unfortunately don’t have the necessary skills to do so.

  17. OneClick is horrible!!! I live in Kansas, and have had troubles with OneClick for over a year, after our state library switched to it from Overdrive. It is difficult to download and I often have to return the book and then attempt to check it out again to re-try the download, only to be told that it is checked out and I will have to go back on the wait list. Terrible system!! I do know, after being finally told this by our state, that it is WAY cheaper for them versus Overdrive. But they got what they paid for is about all I can say about it. NOT happy about the switch, and can only hope that at some point something better comes along.

  18. Libraries should charge an annual or lifetime fee for patrons who want to use the audiobooks. Fee waiver possible for low-income applicants who must apply with an essay. Then libraries can go with the best program and not choose by price. Listening to a book as opposed to reading it with our eyeballs really is a luxury.

  19. As a professsional computer programmer I have to admit that Overdrive is not great. The software is written and maintained by very inexperienced people, and it is above weasly that they do not allow endusers to contact them, even to report bugs. However, now that I have moved to a library that uses OneClick, I can see that OneClick is even worse than Overdrive. OneClick support is worse than Overdrive, and that means their support is worse than no support.

    1. I think Overdrive may have improved its customer service. I contacted them about an issue a few days ago & they got back to me the next day. Imperfect, but fairly dependable.

  20. This truly is the most annoying app I’ve ever tried to use. It has NEVER worked on the many devices I’ve tried,including Iphone, IPad,
    PC, MAC,…..and in fact once it lets me in, the next time it says it doesn’t recognize my e mail address and I am not a user. I guess it’s pointless anyway, since every time I’ve gotten far enough to check out a book from my library, it’s never actually completed it’s download. What junk. I’ve tried numerous times to tell my library this, but I guess it’s the “best” option out there. Too bad, I give up!

  21. OneClick Digital is so appallingly bad that I can’t believe they have conned any libraries into using them. They must be unbelievably cheap, and libraries don’t care that no one can actually use the product. Overdrive always works fine — quick downloads, I can put the files where I want (internal vs. external storage), they are correctly indexed, etc. OneClick rarely works at all, and when it does (usually after several attempts), the files get buried in some deep folder under an obscure number, the transfers are often incomplete, and often aren’t even in the right order. There is no user control, or ability to even see what it is doing. Close to the worst software product I have ever encountered in 35 years in the software business.

  22. I gave up trying to use One Click….I tried everything…on an IPhone, on a MAC on a PC…absolutely nothing worked. I went to my library and had them try to walk me through it with my IPhone, the librarian coldn’t do it either. I’ve asked and asked if they’d do a class or tutorial on One Click (their chosen software….not mine) and so far they’ve refused. Shame of Thousand Oaks library for sticking with such a bad software program and then having no help to their patrons.

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