NEST 2011 – Barn Babes Day 2

Day 2 of NEST –

 “Reading for Grownups” – Patti Poe, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

  • Adult Summer Reading – Online registration – adult registered first, then registered their kids.  Nook as grand prize. Weekly prizes for adults, too (from local businesses).  $500 for adult summer reading – use to buy bags or give-aways and 2 programs.  1,300 participated.  Had to read 8 books and write at least one book review.
  • Big Read – NEA Grant program.  Work far in advance – working on 2013, so grant money comes 2012. Great Gatsby.
  • In the Library:
    • Book Displays – staff take turns creating book displays.  Mystery books (wrap un-circed best sellers and write a blurb on the mystery cover). Non-fiction that aren’t circing well. Put a book face-out and they’ll give it a chance.  Staff are charged will filling ANY empty slat/face-out book display with something that looks newish and fits.
    • New Books/Media – All AV and new books in one area – busiest
    • Neighborhoods – Designed for browsing subject areas.  Travel, Health, Crafts, Lawn & Garden, Wedding, display space within the neighborhood shelves.  Includes magazine, books, wedding music CDs – one stop shop for wedding info.  Grouped together by topic (Dewey-light).  They take the Neighborhood info out – Bridal fairs, for example.  In future, they want street signs showing where the neighborhoods are.
    • Book Page – Subscription with library info and book reviews.
    • Programs – All programming is tied to collection and books are pushed at the program.  Japanese Tea Ceremony – so books on tea, Japan, ceramics?, and Japanese tea ceremonies…  Also have programs centered around Neighborhoods.
    • Authors/Books – Book discussion groups (4 different each month), Book Group in a Bag (120 kits check out for 6 weeks), and Author Programs – let them sell and sign books.
  • Online:
    • Virtual Bookshelf  
    • Blogs – Goodreads group – online book club for adults, Tweets, genre-blogs
    • PEARLS – Personalized reading lists, customized RA, Webform, different staff help, depending on customer requests
    • Novelist – Featured Top 10
    • HUSH – Weekly podcast by Lissa Staley and Thad Hartman with guests
    • Ebooks/Digital content – Links to OverDrive, instructions, etc.  They are discussing in house what to do about the demise of Audiobooks, Music and More – Jim says we’ll be discussing this as well, with Gina.  Woot.
    • Staff Email – Add “what I am reading now” to their signature line
    • Vodcats – Coming soon – pilot will feature a librarian.
    • Banners/Marquees – Web banners related to events, posts, programs, author visits, etc.
    • Special Book Events: Edible Book Contest (food based on book titles) and Altered Book Workshop and Contest (art project)
  • Discussion:
    • Adult Storytime – good short story read aloud, discussion after, invite folks to knit and drink tea while they listen.  Adults like to listen to people read aloud, too.  (Seattle Public idea).  Good for adult literacy, too – helps with GED takers if they can read-along.  May have a movie-tie in, like Shawshank Redemption.
    • Nursing home read aloud for 30-45 minutes – Adrienne does this at Rossville.
    • Nancy Pearl picks books to review from the ‘middle’ of the best-seller list.  She choses 12 and read the first 50 pages to pick the ONE book she ends up reviewing.
    • Silver Lake will try Adult Happy Hour from 5:30 to 6:30 – BYOB (bring your own book) – talk about what we’ve read and like.
    • Mary Cotton has a Thursday knitting club that meets – means they have more knitting/crocheting book circ!
    • Ben – everything in the library is upside down (displays, magazines, etc.) in October.  “A ghost did it.”  Or if they ask, staff says, “What, I don’t see anything wrong.”  Could do it for April Fool’s Day.
    • Have a rule in your Book Club to only read ONE book by an Author (in a genre)
    • Ask local coffee shop to donate free coffee for your Book Club.
    • Kansas Reads with Our Boys – Appeal to a different audience, tie to HS football? Going for national record for most consecutive wins…Topeka has an employee who played for that coach.  Any NFL players? There’s a cult around this Smith Center team.
    • Sabetha doing a Mark Twain program on Oct. 30.  Branson performer to portray Mark Twain.
    • Williamsburg Community Library has a quilt show Sunday, Oct. 9 from 3-6 pm and a picnic dinner.
    • Linwood doing a program “Cafe Philo” – based on a European movement where men get together and talk about philosophical issues in a structured way. Library offers goodies. 5-8 men gather and choose a topic the week prior.  “What is the nature of evil?”  or “What is the purpose of marriage.”  Rules, state their opinion, and stay on topic.  Other days they can get together to discuss whatever they want to talk about (cars, etc.)
What’s in the Cards for Children’s Programming? Stacey VanHouten from Basehor and Brenda Hough
  • Summer Reading Program stats – big increases in attendance.  Adult reading program attendance almost doubled.
    • Audiobooks grant from Dollar General Literacy Foundation at Sabetha with a focus on reluctant, early and disabled readers.
    • Valley Falls has flat attendance year-end/out but they play outside, organized games…”Farmer and the Dell” and water games WITH Kay.
    • Richmond had Adult craft time – some of the same ones the kids did, like worry dolls
    • Linwood issue – Had as many adults complete the program as kids and now she needs child small yellow t-shirts…
    • Troy had issues with iron-ons from SRP this year…
    • New Themes – Nighttime, “Between the Covers” for adults and Own the Night for teens.  Feb. 29 at TSCPL workshop
    • Make and Take – do more?  Idea share, make and take, brainstorming, multiple or both at the same time?  Multiple get-togethers.
    • Extension Office in Osage County – free programming centered around the theme.
  • Kansas Reads to Preschoolers with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Nov. 13-19, 2011
    • Hiawatha kick off with Gov.’s wife b/c Bill Martin, Jr is from there.
    • Kick off on a Monday
    • Activities everywhere online.  Inflatable palm tree from Dollar General with stick-on letters ($2)
  • 6 by 6 – ALA has Every Child Ready to Read – Johnson County made that program more approachable
    • Target is parents, not book people…so “Take Time to Rhyme” rather than phonetic something or other
    • Library program – early ‘library’ program – Add to storytime
    • Web site dedicated to all pre-readers –
      • Print motivation: Have fun with Books
      • Print awareness: Notice print all around
      • Vocabulary: Talk, talk, talk to your children
      • Narrative skills: Tell stories about everything
      • Letter knowledge: Look for letters everywhere
      • Phonological awareness: Take time to rhyme, sing and play word games
    • Llama llama red pajama – Stacey shares her ideas around that book
      • Matching pajama activity – do colors match? do stripes match solid?  parent/child activity  – have the child find the matching pajama
      • Big multi-color illustrations on card stock – match the colors
      • Classroom packet from author’s Web site
      • Pajama concentration game – tops and bottoms flipped upside down made out of wallpaper samples
      • Make your own quilt (based on inside cover of book) – grid on a piece of paper
      • Activities are set up on the wall, in cubbies, on tables, everywhere in the library
    • JOCO Program includes (visit the Antioch Branch):
      • Recipe cards – HUG handout – How to guide
      • Talk about why and what you are doing while doing storytime – “Kids really enjoy rhyme and it’s good for their development” – and then do storytime with a rhyming book
      • Packs of cards with the 6 skills targeted to parents and caregivers (nice, nice full color illustrated cards)
      • Cards on the Web site in PDF format, too
      • Front is graphic and back includes TIPS for the parents
      • Interactive early literacy space in the library (Replace Thomas and legos with these learning-based/literacy-based activities)  Have bags to check out – activity bags with a book, toys, list of activities to do with the kids (3 wks)
      • Workshops next spring – Early February big workshops.  Web site up by the end of the year (with PDFs)
    • Potential partners: Parents as Teachers as a natural partner, NEKLS could facilitate sharing of the ideas and kits
Action! Action Planning – Brenda and Cindi Hickey
  • Handout: Action Plan: What is your goal?  Time to reflect on ideas heard during NEST. Time to ponder and plan…
  • Where are you, where do you want to be and what are the steps to get there…
  • Start with a SMART Goal –
    • Specific – who involved, what accomplished, where located, when time frame, which constraints, why – reason, purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goal
    • Measurable, – How are you going to measure success?
    • Attainable, – What’s most important?
    • Realistic, – Goal you are willing and able to achieve
    • Timely, – Give it a timeframe
  • What is happening right now and in 3 months
    • Action column – what are you going to DO
    • Who – who is accountable for the goal – plan in a group or partner
    • By When – what is the deadline
  • Ideas thrown out: 6 by 6 activities and bags and partners and more | YA Program

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