Broadband Everywhere with Cindi and Shannon

Broadband – what we have today, isn’t enough for tomorrow…

State Library got a Bill and Melinda Gates grant to promote broadband access across the state, working with ALA, so also a national initiative.  Committee included broad perspectives and constituencies to help build advocacy and training pieces, including librarians, league of municipalities, etc.

Show and Tell of What we Have, Where…

  • Rossville – 10 Mb at library, 2 other sources of free internet in town
  • Carbondale – T-1, but 2 other providers. Looking at adding more, regardless of Kan-ed. No other free in town.
  • Jim at Joco – Cable connection at home slows down in the evening.  Jim uses his phone to access the catalog at the library through their wireless.
  • Cindi Story – KCKCC connection to Internet 2 yesterday morning was worse than from Salina and Dodge
  • Lawrence – Brenda switched from DSL to ATT U-verse cable at home and can watch Netflix again.
  • Me – I decreased my Knology cable b/c I use 3G on my smart phone.
  • Oskaloosa – T-1 with 8 computers at library, going to increase through CenturyLink soon (woot).  Highway folks have DSL, but if you are off the road, you have Dial up!
  • Delaware Township Library – Nothing at home, T-1 and CenturyLink DSL at the library. Only hotspot in town.
  • Johnson County Library – Unknown at library, Knology at home and phone use
  • Richmond – T-1 at library, can get CenturyLink at home, had CenturyLink in library prior.  Community’s farmville expert = Library!  Only hotspot.
  • Overbrook – T-1 and 8 Mb at library, nothing at home, only hotspot
  • Linwood Country – Rural LV county DSL. Only hotspot.
  • Baldwin City – 2 T-1 from Kan-ed, CenturyLink at home, Baker University and McDonald’s.  May use MediaComm at home in the future.
  • Linwood Library – TimeWarner at home, Kan-ed T-1 and Knology cable at library. Only HS.
  • Sabetha – Nothing at home – expensive wireless the only option.  T-1 for public and Rainbow cable for staff.  Upgrade Rainbow, if needed.  Other wifi – hotel, coffee shop.  (How much Cable??)
  • Osage City – CenturyLink at home. Maybe 2 hotspots in town, not sure.
  • Burlingame – T-1 at library, nothing at home, local restaurant has other free wifi.
  • McLouth – Smart phone at home, T-1 for staff and 6 patron computers (getting slow). Need $$ for CenturyLink.
  • Silver Lake – DSL at home for Netflix and games (slows down periodically), T-1 for staff and 2 Macs, 10 Mb DSL for other patron computers and wifi.  Maybe one other hot spot.  Upgraded w/ CL if needed.
  • Holton – Through USD336, T-1 for wireless, options (not free like USD connection), DQ hotspot with purchase and City Park!  CenturyLink at home.
  • Troy/Doniphan – T-1, Rainbow, Hughsnet at home.  Only hotspot in the branches.
MapsPublic Library Internet Connection Speeds – 33 locations/364 have under T-1 speeds v. ConnectKansas Map (used to kill Kan-Ed with bloated figures)
  • Who is giving you the Speed?  What does 10 Mb mean??  Upload and Download speeds are needed.  Know what is available and how much it costs.
  • SpeedTest  (or this other one) your own connection regularly – when it’s not being used AND during peak times
  • Handouts on Web site.
Matrix – Recommendations form National Broadband Plan – basic residential connection of 4 Mb, 1 Gb for ‘anchor institutions’ – not there yet…
  • Jim helped put this together, with Peter and the Committee – we talked a lot about this…
  • We added this chart to the new Accreditation Standards (woot)
  • Analyze ALL of your connections (Staff PC’s and Public PCs if they’re on different ISPs)
  • Minimum – good access to most folks most of the time v. Short Range Optimum which is good access to all users almost all of the time.
Broadband EverWhere: Libraries Connect KansaNs
  • Training Manual = Tool Kit (print off the manual from the Web site)
  • Stories – Brainstorm, share, school stories, Fun part of this project. Cindi and Shannon are collection stories as they train across the state
  • Reading Room with great Advocacy materials, papers, including one on “Inclusive Communities” and “Maximize the Potential of Your Public Library” as a way to make yourself integrated into the community.
Stories with Shannon – Broadband isn’t the sexiest topic, but What Different Does Adequate Broadband Make?  A helluvalot.
  • School Stories – Lindsborg has a community training lab at the school that is open to the townsfolks for a small fee, staffed by students.  El Dorado District – laptops for HS students 24/7 and iPods for Middle Schoolers to use at school
  • Health Stories – KU Telemedicine Center stories – Mental health help through videoconferencing, especially for kids.  Kids don’t care that the kid is on a screen, not a chair.  Autism diagnosis through remote observation story, kinda cool, too.  Lady with Ovarian cancer ‘telehealthed’ to her doctor in Hays from Sharon Springs.
  • Public Library Stories – Culture of Privacy in PL’s…lead to fewer stories.  Businesses in your Community who rely on Internet Access for their success?  jewelry makers, gift shops, (Lawrence) and Munden’s  Other stories – Nurse certification at Council Grove, online students getting GEDs, Manhattan Public Library users running their business using library’s Internet (eBay business, painter, clock maker).  Start-ups using the library’s Internet to get going, then turn into customers of local providers after they can afford Internet at HOME!  I like that story.
  • Our Stories –
    • Kay served on School Board and knows many of those kids are without Internet at home, but they still need to finish assignments at the library and she helps them.
    • When I was at Tongie, Michael came in to use a BNSF emulator on our computers to schedule work on the Railroad, leading eventually to a promotion.
    • Additional classes offered through videoconferencing/Elmer and “enhanced learning experiences” – connect with NASA, for example (Kan-ed High Def backbone)
    • Test proctoring via Kan-ed at Sabetha.
    • Oskie – Guy came in everyday for weeks to job search, said Thank You when he finally got a job!
    • “Rich field for Advocacy”
    • eGovernment – At a Dept. of Revenue presentation and discussion, Laura and Cindi had to explain to the DoR that folks go to LIBRARIES to get tax forms and help.
    • State Employees on state insurance, the Health Policy Authority folks are telling HR people that online filing of health insurance of all groups this year…so even more patrons coming to libraries seeking help to fill out forms.  “Go and the Librarians will HELP you fill out the form.”
    • Any Telemedicine stories?  Carbondale had telemedicine at their school, but it was cut.  They would connect to the doctor (at the School nurse) and they would have an Rx ready when you pick them up!  Camera into the ear…camera into the throat.  CUT. So Sad…
    • Any Global Businesses based in your area?
    • Burlingame is getting a Bridal Store (online business start up).
    • Customer loyalty with companies from hometown, if they have an Internet business. (Waxman Candles, Footprints, etc.)  Joco the only growing county in Kansas!!
    • Richmond Board member making hairbands – through FB is selling her stuff.  Etsy for Crafters.
    • Aging population = important to have broadband for Senior health, training, companionship, and legal services.
    • ElMER for depositions and
    • Videoconferencing job interviews – anyone using Skype?  Do you have a place for them? Laptops for them?  How do we help people with these new needs?
    • Telecommuting from Rural communities IF they have the broadband.  Another way to help keep young families in rural communities.
Tool Kit (may look a lot like Turning the Page’s)
  • Primary and Supporting Themes
  • Broadband Access impacts: Economic prosperity | education | health and wellness | quality of life | e Government
Now we have the tools to advocate that we can share with Board, staff, Friends and patrons.

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