Short interviews about eBooks

From Kanlib-l post courtesy of Chris Rippel at the Central Kansas Library System

Dear Colleagues,

A BBC radio show, “The World at One,” has done a series of 5 minute interviews about eBooks this past week.

These interviews offer a window into the thoughts of the traditional players in the publishing world, other than librarians.  I found these short interviews interesting.

Chief Executive of HarperCollins UK, Victoria Barnsley expects

    • 50% of their fiction to be digital within 2 years,
    • eBooks will replace paperbacks,
    • hardbacks will improve in quality to be the books people keep.

Booker Prize winner Graham Swift sees little difference for the reader in reading print books and eBooks, but he is concerned about the long-term affect of eBooks on the livelihood of writers.

Leading literary agent Andrew Wylie talks about the affect of internet distributor’s power on publishing.

Managing Director of Waterstone Bookstores James Daunt.

Novelist Kate Pullinger talks about how eBooks will change the future of storytelling For her this means mixing text with animated graphics and sound.

Each interview is about five minutes long.

It pays to read through my kanlib-l folder from time to time – here’s another gem from Chris about eBooks and libraries: “Will Kindles kill Libraries?


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