Technology and a New Director

Brenda and I are responsible for an online ‘class’ on Technology for the fledgling Statewide APPLE New Director training program.  I’m excited about this program – I love that new directors will get to network with a statewide cohort, plus hear Sandra Nelson speak at the initial retreat.  She’s a rockstar.

Anyway, I’m trying to throw myself back into 2003 and recall what technology issues came up in that first year as a newbie Library Director.  I remember drama related to software upgrades, germ-y keyboards, children’s games, broadband issues, Runescape, learning about networking equipment (and how to reboot said equipment safely), oh and the biggest snafu I had was turning off our server too fast which lead to a $750 visit from a specialist to un-corrupt everything I corrupted.  I know a lot of that is too specific/practical for an online class, but I’m thinking we should cover:

  • Planning and Budgeting (replacement schedules, broadband costs, tech planning, etc.)
  • Policy and Public Access Computing (CIPA, Acceptable use policy ENFORCEMENT, filtering, etc.)
  • Emerging Technologies (mobile tech, eReading, touchscreen, software upgrades, ??)
  • Training (public computer classes, sources for free materials, staff competencies, etc.)
What am I forgetting?
Who should we recruit to help teach this module?

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