New posts and such

We’ve uploaded presentations/slides/notes for every event from Tech Day on the NEKLS blog, as of this morning. Check it out.  Watch a few of Dr. Wesch’s videos. I even posted my ‘raw’ notes for the kete presentation I gave.  Dan wrote a nice wrap-up post, too.  Can you tell he had fun playing with the featured image?  I did not live-blog the keynote. I was too busy listening.  I did blog Janet’s podcasting session and Brenda’s Google Fiber discussion.

Evaluations of Tech Day have been overwhelmingly positive and affirming.  Dr. Wesch was a huge hit and the breakout sessions were well-received, too.  Teri worked with catering to get a second lunch line set up, so even that part of the day got good reviews!  (Usually we have a slew of food complaints, but not this year!)  Thanks to Brenda for playing emcee for the day, so I could just stand there and try not to slouch 😉

This week, we also had an unexpected upgrade to Koha 3.5.006 (or whatever master is at now)…and I scrambled today to put together an overview.  One our librarians called in a panic about the missing “clear screen” button…which had been replaced by Mr. Owen Leonard with a much nicer “X” button box thingy.  Good work, Owen.  Mickey and I got to the bottom of it and hopefully, future upgrades won’t catch us by surprise!   Proud to say that three of the bug fixes/new features came straight from Liz and Heather reviewing and improving the Cataloging module.  I’m quite lucky to work with such a smart team.


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