3M Cloud and Database Webinar

Jo Budler Webinar | Thursday, August 4, 2011

Agenda: Welcome | Statewide Database update | 3M Cloud Trial update | Recorded Books update | My NOTES and personal asides/comments/reactions… | The archive will be sent to kanlib-l

2011-2012 Databases:

  • HeritageQuest, LearningExpress, Chilton’s, General One File, Informe, Health Reference Academic, Infotrac Newspapers, ProQuest, WorldCat, Literature Resources Center, Business & Company, and Academic One File.  A few of these are K-12 appropriate
  • Decision Making Committee (Systems, publics and academic libraries) made the decisions
  • Focus groups have been scheduled around the state to talk about databases – sign up and show support
  • HomeworkKansas was only funded by Kan-ed from the State Library (after a cut).  Kan-ed decided to cut this program, not the State Library.  (Still going to be GREATLY missed, regardless of the reasons behind the cut.)
eBooks and Transfers:
  • 169 letters sent to publishers and permission received from 76
  • Book Content: 525 ePubs and
  • Audiobook content: 471 WMA/Mp3 files (Top 3: Random House, Brilliance audio and Blackstone audio)
  • 3,138 total audiobooks if Random House gives permission
  • 3M only viable option if we want to maintain our content
  • “However, 3M is only going to be doing the eBooks.”  (Sigh…there’s no such thing as an audio ebook – it’s a digital audiobook…)
  • 17,303 units currently in OverDrive – audio, eBook, music and video
  • Ingram unresponsive to SLK requests for trails and contracts
  • Content move necessitated by (painful) pricing model of current vendor and willingness of large publisher to move their content.
  • 3M Trail –
    • eBooks bought independently will be moved, if the publisher gave permission (case by case)
    • Want to move as much content as we can now, regardless of if it can be immediately accessed or will need to await development (movies and music, for example)
    • eBook circulation growth greatly out-paces digital audiobook growth since 2006.
      • 2010-2011 11.2% (audio) v. 91.6% (ebook)
      • Audibooks turn more than ebooks – steady increase in ‘intensity of use.’
      • May or may not be indicator of future use – NO NEW CONTENT (in a really long time)
        • That will change once we get with a new vendor – start infusing with new content
    • Lead organization – Johnson County Library
      • Timeline: book buying portal open in late August
      • Sept-October roll out to libraries
      • Delays may occur b/c of quality control issues and/or technical difficulties (will 3M work with koha??)
      • Trying to accelerate their process to meet our demands (and timeline, but will remain ‘fluid and flexible’
    • Some publishers are waiting for us to pick a platform before they decide to give us permission to move content (chicken/egg)
    • December 1 – OverDrive dies.  January 1 or LATER before 3M would begin.  DAMN.  Not good for customer service.  “Mind the gap.”  (I’m not drinking the “spin this positive” kool-aid at this time…I think we should get public domain books into Koha in the meantime.)
      • Hope to have access to Random House digital audio collection prior to eBook collection (something better than nothing??)
    • Ways to participate:
      • JCL will issue one temp account to each interested library (end user testing) for beta testing by library staff only
      • Ask Jeff H the request – contact name, position/title, email address, Library name
      • Systems need to follow this process, as well….(Done…just sent our request)
    • Topeka brought up “for 3M or any platform we move to, we believe it’s necessary to have conversations and better collaboration and equity about content selection and purchase.”
      • I second that and it’s what we’ll be discussing at the upcoming NExpress Collection Development Committee meeting.
      • Collaborative Collection Development 101
    • SLK hopes to have a single Web site with button for eBooks and a button for Audiobooks (good)
    • “Close” to working out a platform price with 3M (over $20,000 a year…paid by State Library with LSTA funds, says Jo)
  • Recorded Books
    • Waiting for ‘sole source’ confirmation (permission to go)
    • $10,000 platform charge includes 200 classic titles (with unlimited usage)
    • How will content be provided?  Needs to be ‘more equitable’…sometimes contributions will have ‘extenuating circumstances.’
    • Alternative pricing model = Minimum contribution guidelines  
      • Jo wants state-wide access AND state-wide contribution
      • everyone will contribute, based on a ‘fair amount’, Systems will contribute content, as will the State Library
      • Smallest library = $25, Urban Libraries = $1,500 (seems reasonable, if a bit low)
      • State Library pays for platform, while libraries put funds towards content
      • Needs to come up with an Academic pricing model (and Schools??)
      • Annual contribution, starting January 2012 – can be spent on audio or ebook contributions
      • “Kim Rutter: It seems to me that if the regional systems contribute, that should help level the field for the small libraries, so all of the library users in Kansas may participate wherever their library is.”
    • We will own what we pay for…
    • 3M will eventually ‘may’ add audio
    • What’s going to happen to the Kansas Library Card (little jumping guy)??
      • Still Functioning (not much more answer than that)
      • What about SIP? What about Koha libraries and remote authentication?
      • Patron authentication or IP authentication?  Patron…
      • Jeff  says (nothing I can understand) – will look for alternatives. (I hope the sends out a clarification in writing, since he couldn’t be understood.)

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