3M Cloud Library

At the Unconference, I heard much about the 3M Cloud Library webinar with Tom Mercer from July 12…so I’m finally taking time to listen to the archive that was sent out to kanlib-l.  Jim also did a great summary post about the project at nekls.org.

Goals of the Product –

  1. Is as Easy to use as a commercial product and synchronized across devices
  2. Connects Library and Community – Accessible from within the four walls of the library
  3. Builds on your ILS investment – MARC records with quick check-out capabilities

Cloud library experience –
  • same synchronization as Amazon and B&N.
  • Has a 2-click check-out process.
  • Browse, tap on the cover and click on the check out button…then start reading.
  • Initialization at the back-end (library card and authentication process) happens when the App is first accessed and then remembered.
  • 3M will have their own software to replace Adobe Digital Editions to side-load to ‘offline devices’ like a Nook.
  • ‘Post-it’ notes taken while reading is saved in cloud-based account and stored with reading history.
  • Connect using the message center – advertise library events
  • Patron ‘wish list’ to share suggestions for purchase – patron driven acquisition.
Hardware –
  • Discovery terminal – to increase easy e-book browsing and advertises the library service.  Present library card and pin, sync via cloud to device when next opened.
  • 3M eReader –
Library Integration –
  • MARC with quick check-out – embedded code in 856. – Pop up window to access cloud-based system from within the ILS and then go back easily to the ILS.
  • Web-based content purchasing – based on simple process
  • Includes reports
  • Phone and email support to libraries.  Libraries answer patron questions, but with help from 3M tech support
  • Remote access to hardware to troubleshoot
Content –
  • Over 30,000 titles today with 100,000 by December 2011
  • Random House, HarperCollins, Sourcebooks and Independent Publishers Group
  • Verbal agreements with other publishers in place
  • Contracts and upload process taking time
Q & A –
  • Want to work with ILS to generate notifications
  • Will apply HarperCollins 26-circ agreement – ‘industry standard’ – reports to help with Collection development
  • Authentication statewide? Working with the State Library of Kansas (SLK) to build a plan for statewide consortium.  Building consortium model with this state.  One authentication point through State Library Card and also SIP connections with individual ILS authentication, if available.
  • Libraries can have individual accounts (large libraries) (for $15,000).  Then have an ILL feature to share among accounts.  Annual fee AND content purchasing.  Multiple options for libraries.
  • Building system on ease of use.  2 click check out, unified app for browsing/checkout/reading, and removing Adobe ID authentication – don’t need a separate Adobe ID.  Same model/tech as Barnes and Nobel.  Creating/owning all applications = seamlessness.
  • eBooks only in 3M.
  • Purchase or lease and always available titles? No always available options yet – 1 user = 1 copy.  Will load 100 top Project Gutenburg titles.  Want ‘as many models on the back end as publishers are comfortable with.’  3M is working with publishers.  Digital rights are neither a purchase or a lease.  What rights have we purchased?  Still up in the air.  (From the chat: Interesting post on the ownership issue on Library Renewal blog: http://libraryrenewal.org/2011/07/11/the-language-of-the-deal/)
  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices. Working with Sony and Nook to load via USB.  In contact with Amazon – they are working on DRM and how Amazon Kindles work with ePub files.  No reason to exclude 3M – other relationships with Amazon to build upon.
  • The 3M device is a dedicated eReader without wifi /USB only / no 3G.  Longer battery life and reduces complexity of finding login, etc.  Simple device to use.  Load and lend.  $149 for device.  Kiosk is about $2,499.  B&N and Amazon our subsidizing readers and make up the difference on content/book sales.  First library-only device.  Owned by library and lent out.  Not a consumer device.  No blackmarket value.
  • Book pricing all over the place b/c of Publishers.  3M pricing will be ‘on par’ with OverDrive prices.   $32-34 to $4.99.  Only HarperCollins titles have the 26 checkout limit.  Expect more restrictions and/or other models.  Some publishers have not started selling to libraries all – just need to find an adequate model.  In flux now.
  • Top holds report (Holds ratio type report) to help with collection development.
  • Seeking content that heavily circ at public libraries – best sellers.  Will broaden academic/K-12 in the future.  Focus on deep, popular collection first.
  • Publishers who have agreed to transfer content from OverDrive will work with 3M – relationship building AND content transfers.
  • Will holds from OverDrive be migrated? No.  Patrons will have to replace their holds.  Boo.
  • Early return – you can check it back in!  Woot.
  • 3M building relationships directly with publishers – not a front end for other content aggregators.
  • No renewing, just check in and check back out.  Content with holds goes to next person.
  • Working through process of allowing patron to add content to reader at home.
  • Beta goes live in August – opening up buying portal for beta accounts.  Delivering some hardware.  Training and a go live date in early September.  Still working on a beta site.
  • Holds and circs only available through the 3M App, not the ILS.  Authentication – easier than ‘deep integration’ with ILSs.  Talking with Sirsi, Polaris and III. (Where’s Koha???)
  • Kiosks can be in the library for starters. Indoor only, but envision discovery terminals at city buildings and the mall.
  • Platform and content provider.  Book sales will drive revenues for 3M.
  • When 3M gets a publisher, they get the entire digital collection (new and old).  Once a relationship is established, they get it all.
  • Auto-checkin at end of loan period…unless returned early.  File loaded onto device is wrapped with Adobe DRM – expires.
  • Weeding feature?  For example, travel guides change every year – ability (in the future) to remove items from the collection automatically (archive or weed feature).
  • No minimum eBook purchases, but you do have a platform fee.  Flat fee ($15,000 for big libraries, but consortia model is more affordable).  Fee needs to be prorated for small libraries.  Consortium model costs MUCH lower.  No need to panic.
  • PC and Mac applications will allow loading onto personal devices from home pc. (What about a library pc? Yes!)  Kiosk is a discovery terminal, but it is NOT yet a download station. They are working on that enhancement.
  • eBooks on up to 5 devices.  Apps are in development format.  ePub format only, but looking at PDF for childrens books and graphic novels.
  • Looking into a way to opt out of circ history for patrons.

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