New Toys and Paranormal Romance

First Toy – my Notion Ink Adam arrived last week.  It’s a modified Android tablet with a hybrid LCD/Pixel Qi transflective screen.  I’m still getting used to it – had to read through the users manual to learn some of the Android tricks, like long-touching to get additional menus.  I have it next to my recliner at home to facilitate browsing, eBook buying and email checking.  I’m going to give it at least a month before I decide to root the damn thing and get full access to the Android marketplace.  Right after I got my tablet, Heather got this super-cool mini-keyboard/storage case for her iPad.  We were a little bit jealous.

My other new toy was a Google+ invite.  I like that I can have a Koha circle, a work circle, a friends circle and easily tailor my bad jokes, boring links, snarky comments and pearls of wisdom to the appropriate audience.

Add me:

Not really a Toy, but I’ve also been reading much Paranormal Romance for a Reader’s Advisory gig with Kelly, Kaite and company in October.  My biggest surprise has been that Paranormal romance isn’t romance!  The happy ending is missing more often than not.  It’s more like fantasy/urban fiction…or what Paula Guran calls “romance” not “Romance.”  She wrote the Introduction, “What is “Paranormal Romance”?” to the anthology Best New Paranormal Romance.  It’s worth a read and will certainly help me sound like I know what I’m talking about.  I also have the Introduction to Fang-Tastic Fiction. Haven’t read that yet, though.

So far, I’ve gotten through some of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by JR Ward, Moon Called by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson is the lead shape-shifting coyote mechanic) and I’m trying very hard to finish Dead Until Dark by Harris.  These first-person narratives are driving me nuts and so far, Sookie is just not doing it for me.

If this is a genre you read – leave a comment. I want to know more from fans about appeal factors, your definition of ‘romance’ v. ‘Romance’ and anything else you want to share.


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