YouMedia at Chicago Public Library

This is fantastic!  Exactly where libraries need to be looking – creative spaces for patrons (not just teens, but teens are early adopters).  And look, here’s a way to help make it happen – the IMLS / MacArthur Foundation / Urban Libraries Council Grant “Learning Labs in Libraries and Museums“.  Read more about YouMedia and other cool initiatives from Heather Braum’s Summer Institute for School Librarian’s blog post.

YOUmedia is an innovative, 21st century teen learning space housed at the Chicago Public Library’s downtown Harold Washington Library Center. YOUmedia was created to connect young adults, books, media, mentors, and institutions throughout the city of Chicago in one dynamic space designed to inspire collaboration and creativity.

OK, so I also found this great video from Edutopia about “EAST — A Way Forward: Tech Inspires Self-Directed Learning

Students in the Environmental and Spatial Technology program, at Horace Mann Magnet Middle School, in Little Rock, Arkansas, connect with nature through projects that serve their community.

This video talks about some of the awesome projects these Middle school kids thought up and brought to fruition, including designing and building a greenhouse and locating on GPS and creating a documentary about two Japanese-American internment camps in southern Arkansas.


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