Invasion of Participatory Culture (via The Unquiet Librarian)

This is very cool information – not just because MPLA is in the middle of a new sponsorship initiative, but also because this fits in with my many ‘what does the future hold’ ponderings and ‘what will Google Fiber mean’ musings.  Definitely “Read More” so you can get to the slideshow…where the really great stuff is.

The concept of networked individualism reconfigures users’ access to information, people and other resources allows them to move across, undermine, and go beyond the boundaries of existing institutions to seek and enforce new levels of institutional and personal transparency. ~William Dutton~ I’ve written and spoken pretty regularly in the last year about libraries as sites of participatory culture, so I was immediately intrigued by this terrific … Read More

via The Unquiet Librarian


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