Let’s get some digital policies

Liz has been busy setting up our Kete this week.  Working title: Northeast Kansas History.  (Thank you Joann and the Horowhenua Library Trust for working with  Katipo Communications, Ltd. to create Kete in the first place!)   Liz has been busy removing the New Zealand-specific language from the boiler plate policies and documentation.  Though, I love the ‘House Rules‘ and want to maintain the spirit of them, even if we add a few z’s and Americanize the spelling.  What works great for Kete Horowhenua may not work for a hodge-podge of libraries in NE Kansas.  With that in mind, I’m researching and in the process finding some great resources to help us develop policies, best practices and guides!

After some discussion, Liz and I compromised and decided to have two options for Creative Common Licensing of images/materials added to our NEKLS Kete project.  She favored complete open access and I wanted to provide an option that would be more welcome to artists and photographers who want to contribute to the digitization project.
Update on Rossville / KansasMemory grant:Adrienne and I managed to cobble together the grant application and get it delivered by the deadline.  We just need to wait and see if the fine folks at the Kansas Humanities Council like what we wrote and give us some money.  Then, Jaclyn can scan, describe and archive to her heart’s content.  We had to change around the voice of the application to be from Rossville – and Adrienne was great at sending all the moving prose I could hope to have!

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