Libguides – Play day in the lab

Heather got us a demo for LibGuides for Libraries, so we are looking at how Academics, school and a few public libraries are using these ‘Content Sharing Platforms’ aka, wayfinders, reference guides, presentation platforms, knowledge base (LibAnswers) research pathfinders.  This is a subscription service, but it would certainly be affordable for us

Wonder if we could link this to our OPAC?  How could school libraries and publics use this for those annual “History of Kansas” projects or “To Kill a Mockingbird” reading assignments?

Some Examples and Reveiws:

West Virginia Library Commission They use it for FAQ’s – Collection Development Consulting guide – Articles – Feeds and Videos.

We could also use this to contain our presentations, consulting info, NExpress stuff, those informational emails that include links and documents and such…

Tulsa is using it for Local History – Could we incorporate this with our kete idea – feed in information?

Can we tell how useful this is?  Are their Statistics…Widget that provides view statistics – so yes.  Also, the last updated date is automatically included. Also, it’s printable (sort of) and mobile versions are included with this LibGuides product.

Makes sense to use this as a brain-dump – if you’re going to do the research, archive it in a LibGuide.  Ooh, while you do have to handcode the Book List widget, you can embed a “Place Hold” hyperlink.


  • Do we want to pay extra for “”?
  • Do we need to pay extra for the backup and image storage?  If we were to leave, what would we do with information and pictures?  Backed up in XML – so an ‘open’ format.
  • NExpress site as a LibGuide or collection of LibGuides?  Can we embed our Jing videos??
  • Staff presentations and articles
  • Brain dump for staff – CD/weeding consulting, Budgeting, Advocacy, Technology, Business management, Courier how-to’s, Board Roles and Responsibilities, and our CE events
  • Indexed by Google?  We think so…
  • Do individual libraries have to have their own subscription?  Yes.  Affordable for the schools and small academics?
  • eBooks in Kansas – re-create the statewide site from Blogger to LibGuide?
  • Build a LibGuide around our Webinars – terms, follow up Q’s, pre-reading, site lists, etc.
  • We could see Jim and Laura using something like this a LOT.
  • Topics – “Programming for Seniors” or “Reader’s Advisory for THIS GENRE”
  • I’m going to make one around the Toy Box…

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