MPLA: Membership Meeting

Finally, a session where I recognize a few people. Sitting next to Jean Hatfield, behind Bosha and Dana, next to Dorothy, in front of JaNea, while listening to Judy, Eileen and Elvita.  Fun, fun, fun group.  Mickey told me it would be like this…

Looking at the Paid membership Stats and wonder what happened!  Kansas went from 61 in 2010 to 38 in 2011.  Need to do my part to drum up members and talk up the 2012 Leadership Institute in Estes Park, Colorado – May 6-11, 2012.  You get a discount if you are a member in both 2011 and 2012.


Annual Membership Meeting (

  • Changed the bylaws to help “members in transition” pay the dues – full dues for $15 – the student rate.  Judy will screen applicants and pass them on to the Pres and Membership chair
  • Financial Reports – what a great balance sheet and year-end budget with ‘$ Over Budget’ and ‘% of Budget’ lines.  Leadership institute costs up, membership dues down
  • Memberships – 314 members did not renew!  Down by institutional memberships.  Why? Who? Will the new ‘members in transition’ bylaw help?
  • My Kansas peeps need to recruit.  Especially those of us who graduated from Leadership Institute
  • Upcoming Conferences:
    • 2012 – Nebraska – Oct. 17-19
    • 2013 – NDLA/SDLA, Sioux Fall – Sept 25-27
    • 2014 – Arizona in October
    • 2015 – Wyoming – late Sept/early Oct
  • Recognition
    • Road Warrior: Cara Romeo – from shelver to Asst. Director ‘walks on sunshine’
    • Innovative Interfaces supports Leadership Institute – thank you!
    • Officers and Representatives – Certificates and Thank yous
    • Dan Stanton got extra claps for being Leadership Institute chair
    • Judy and Dan got pretty gold certificates, too…
  • Concerns about membership
    • Institution joins, they get one free membe rship
    • Transitional membership
    • Excellent Leadership Institute evaluations, successful, well sponsored and Judy volunteered her time
    • Newsletter is online – full color
    • Social media – twitter, facebook, Web Oh My! (#mplamla)
  • Professional Development Grants – money to be had
  • Changing of the Guard
    • Elvita gave a donation to Friends of Leadership on behalf of new President – Dana Braccio.  Dana gave Elvita a plaque in return.  Copper gaval is cool.
  • Dana’s pep talk
    • 1948 – a great way to network and provide professional development
    • By dinner time they had committees and bylaws
    • Look at building a community of lively engagement
    • Retooling – new action plans, new committee members
    • Enhancing partnerships with State Associations
  • Dana has a BS in Marketing and an MLS – take best practices from other fields and use them to improve library services.
  • Hey Mickey, Dan Chaney has 18,500 comic books…
  • Wayne crossed the border into Iran without official authorization…just a border market he chose to ignore… 😉
  • Royce and Harrison – cute picture
  • Eric Stroshane visited the biggest ball of twine in Wisconsin
  • Mike Mullen has cute grand-dogs
  • Mickey was just outed as a classical music radio announcer
  • Dan Ireton – our New State Rep – can herd cattle

Think of MPLA like AAA

  • Recharge, rejuvenate
  • Provide road maps
  • Only a tweet away
  • Road trip – what can you bring to the association – what do you want to discover along the way.
  • Become a fan on Facebook – We need more…

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