Koha Community Here We Come!

Like good little tortoises and hares, we’ve been racing towards our migration to Koha Community with Bywater Solutions and we reach the finish line tomorrow night.  After a relaxing brunch, I plan to be at the Bonner Springs City Library at the open of business on Sunday to celebrate.

We have learned many useful lessons from our many upgrades and this migration:

  1. Follow your testing priorities and delegate – Heather covered Cataloging, Liz managed SIP and scripting the data download/upload process, and Mickey and I tested Koha within an inch of its life
  2. Be in contact with your migration team – conference calls, chat, skype – we used them all!
  3. Learn to love the Bugzilla ticketing system
  4. Steal from the Koha 3. 4 Manual
  5. Communicate with your stake-holders, like libraries open on Sunday and who use SIP
  6. Pay attention to new System Preferences, like “HomeOrHoldingBranchReturn”
  7. Get re-acquainted with Koha Bugzilla – there are a lot of bugs we need to be aware of
  8. Have realistic expectations – Yes, there are bugs we discovered during our testing this week and last week that will bother our libraries, but not enough to postpone the migration
  9. Make lists – Liz has a rather large one of stuff to do Saturday night and Sunday morning related to geek stuff that I don’t even try to comprehend
  10. Stay positive – we are very excited to be returning to the Koha Community where we can impact the project in a meaningful way.

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