OverDrive Media Console on my iPhone Part 2

So I read Four Dukes and a Devil this weekend on my phone using the OverDrive Media Console app and really liked it – comparable to the Kindle app and better than the Barnes and Noble app.  I could adjust the brightness, so I didn’t get eyestrain, and I liked that the table of contents is persistently displayed along the top, rather than hidden until some secret set of taps makes it appear.  Now, I want to return it…

  1. I think I’ll delete it off of my phone first – so Edit > mark > Delete
  2. Now, off to Adobe Digital Editions on my Mac to return it using that slightly mysterious arrow at the corner of the book jacket.  I selected “Return Borrowed Item” and answered “Yes!” I want to return it.  (This is the responsible thing to do, yes?  Now the next smut-lover can read these stories.  The Sophia Nash Widows Club short story and Vampire/Devil story were my favorites.  Wish someone in NExpress had this book (hint, hint).)
  3. Went back into my Audiobooks, Music and More account, Signed in, went to “My Bookshelf“, and the book magically disappeared.

Lessons learned:

Pick a computer to use for this process and stick with it – I’m not sure how Topeka has ‘download stations’ as it helps to have things bookmarked, passwords tucked away somewhere and all the necessary software downloaded and ready when you need it.  Browsing on a big screen works best and with the added complication of Adobe Digital Editions, it’s just easier to have everything right here in front of you.  Also, understanding all of the steps in the process (which is overly complicated and difficult to initially set up), does help a bit.  I learn by doing, so now that I’ve done it…I can actually help others and start reviewing training materials that I come across.

Next, I’ll go through the process for adding an audiobook.  The complications there are iTunes-related and instead of Adobe Digital Editions…I had to download the OverDrive Media Console on my Mac.  On the actually iPhone, audiobooks are managed NOT by the OMC app, but show up in my iPod app.  Clear as mud, eh?

I also received my first Lendle book this weekend, but didn’t read it because it’s modern, not historic.  I can’t figure out how to return it (if that’s even possible).  That is a slick process, too – just had to go look in my Kindle app archives to find the thing, but then it downloaded and I could read it just like any other Kindle eBook.

Update: Went to the Amazon Help and read about the Lending Policy and figured out how to remove a book from my Kindle account, thus ‘returning’ it.


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