OverDrive Media Console on my iPhone

Houston, we have lift-off.  Not sure why I haven’t tried this before, but I was able to download an ePub book from Audiobooks, Music and More onto my iPhone (and my Mac).  And not just any eBook, but one that I might actually enjoy reading – Four Dukes and a Devil by Cathy Maxwell.

So, here’s the video of my adventure.

The Steps:

  1. Went to Adobe and installed Adobe Digital Editions onto my Mac, then logged in using my Adobe Digital ID (set that up previously)
  2. Went to Audiobooks, Music and More
  3. Signed in with my Kansas Library Card and date of birth
  4. Went to My Holds and found one ready to “Add to cart”
  5. Clicked on Add to Cart, then Proceed to Checkout and then Set the check out period to 21 days and Confirm
  6. Verified that I had Adobe Digital Editions up and running (launched)
  7. After all that, I clicked Download button.
  8. Confirm (YES) that I want to download it to Adobe Digital Editions and it is available on my Mac

Now, How to do this Whole Process on my iPhone with Pictures, because I’m a visual learner:

  • Download from the App Store: OverDrive Media Console (Fancy new Help from OverDrive)
  • Select Get Books +
  • Select Add a Library and connect OMC to the Kansas Virtual Library

  • Click on Settings and put in your Adobe Digital ID under eBook Settings

  • Return to Get Books+ and Click on Kansas Virtual Library to launch the site in the Safari Web Browser on your iPhone (hopefully you will get into the mobile version of the site, which is much easier to navigate).
  • Select Login
  • Select Kansas Library Card from the Drop Down Menu

  • Log in using your Kansas Library Card number and PIN

  • From the My Digital Account tab, click on My Bookshelf (not My Holds, because we already “checked out” the book on the computer)

  • Select Download next to the book you are ready to put on your iPhone

  • Say Download Now (more on that process here)
  • Close OverDrive Media Console and Reopen it
  • Viola! A book is ready to be read!


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