HandHeld Librarian IV – Day Two

HandHeld Librarian IV | Webinar at NEKLS | Feb. 24, 2011 | live blogging

Introduction to PhoneGap

  • Sorry, missed the first couple of slides…
  • PhoneGap Development Cycle: Install the SDK (java platform/coding kit) (oops, too slow)
  • Web applications have broad use, but limited functionality, while a Native app lets you use the phone’s API’s like geolocation, but it’s harder to develop.
  • Phone API’s you can use with PhoneGap: camera, accelerometer, geo location, sounds/vibration, etc.
  • Will need to use java scripting to manipulate screen size
  • Prerequisites: HTML, CSS, Javascript (so this is beyond me and I have some NExpress migration stuff to take care of….be back later.)

2:00 p.m. and I’m back at the Conference.  We are Wintry Mixing

  • QR Codes in the Science Building by Aileen – how to build a bridge between the library and the science building, separated physically.  QR used to all throughout the Science Building – teachers’ doors, exhibits, and study rooms to highlight resources in the Library!  Linking to mobile databases, research guides, online catalog, etc. Process: design template and demo pages, made codes in bulk, and get permission to put the web pages on the web server.
  • [Insert that we are playing with a new all-in-one touch screen computer here in the lab.]
  • BYU’s QR Codes and Libraries: the Libraray Audio Tour – Students required to take tour of the library during 1st year writing class – used QR to spice it up.  Tour evolved from guided tour to tape to CD to MP3 to virtual tour.  Over 85% of the BYU students have a cell phone and/or iPod touch (with camera).  How make the tour Interactive and collaborative?  Placed QR codes around the library – Scan for the Audio!  Students in alpha group liked that they controlled the tour (and without the stigma of looking like a freshman).  Beta test – changed the audio, just content based, no directional information in audio (a paper map instead), some students did the tour solo – others as groups, more interactive.  Map for each floor with 6 codes on each floor – comments: 8×10 Codes, market the codes, put the codes everywhere (like study rooms), map clarity and have a help page (WordPress!) http://lib.buy.edu/sites/qrcodes/ Michael J. Whitchurch Harold B. Lee Library

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