KLA Web Site, or Why I love WordPress

I was recruited to mange the Kansas Library Association Web site.  I started the process by reviewing other Association sites and making notes from my favorites.  I knew I wanted something clean, simple and professional looking.  I also wanted a way to highlight libraries across the state, so I decided to go with the Panorama theme.  I sent out a request for 980 x 125 pixel images for the rotating header and have pics from the State Library, academics and publics from across the state!  This one is from the Beck Bookman Library in Holton, where Helen does an AMAZING job using old books, photos and such to decorate the stacks.

Future plans include stealing ideas from:

  • Alabama – Want to create equally prominent Donation and Join links, along with a simple welcome message for our site.
  • Illinois – As we have more events to share, I like the simple buttons along the left on the Illinois site.
  • Ohio – Interconnecting with social media sites – with Heather’s help, we set up a KLA Facebook Page (to replace the existing Group) and got FB connected to the Web site using “networkedblogs.”  Next up, Twitter and YouTube.  We also hacked the theme to put our contact information in the footer, like Ohio’s site.

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