Over the last year, we have taken a number of steps at NEKLS to understand, prepare for and promote eReading.  We started with the HandHeld Librarian in February (more notes),  followed by two sessions at Tech Day 2010 in August, and most recently the ebooks Summit in September.

Our newest contribution, prompted by a question by one of our librarians on kanlib-l, is an updated eReader Resources post.  We also have a Digital Media Resources page for all things Tech Toy Box and eReader related. We have also set up some “Play Dates” with the Toy Box where I can observe, write down questions, and get a better idea of what documents and FAQ’s should be included in the Box.

The hope is to spread the word about what devices are out there, which ones work with OverDrive and what we can do at NEKLS to help you help patrons who come in asking questions!  I think as a follow up, I want to gather librarians interested in this ‘new technology’ and have a frank discussion about what they think they should or should not be doing with eReading.  For every possibility, there’s a plethora of blogs, webinars, and opinions.  I’m most interested in those of my librarians.  This topic, in my mind, is akin to computers in libraries in the 70’s and 80’s.


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