Dealing with Difficult People

I’m desperate to find my workbook from the Dealing with Difficult People training I took years ago through FredPryor, which I guess is summarized in this lovely PTO article I found online.  Normally, my FredPryor workbook is kept in my MPLA “Ghost Ranch” Leadership Institute binder.  I must have loaned it someone, but who??

It’s on my mind because we have “Better Results with People” training tomorrow with Rich Drinon.  It’s customer service training for technical staff…like the NExpress team, plus Thatcher.  We’ve also invited our fellow techies from around the System and around the State – I get to have dinner with Janelle from SWKLS in a half hour.  Woot.

Anyway, in preparation for this training, we all had to take a 24-question DISC assessment to see if we were Dominant, Interactive, Cautious or Supportive.  Liz and Thatcher’s results matched, Mickey and my results were close, and Heather and Brenda’s results matched.

So, am I Outgoing or Reserved?  Task or People oriented?  That’s easy – I’m an Outgoing Tasker.  At the FredPryor training, that translated to a “Get it Done” (Dominant) personality, but on the DISC, I tested almost equal parts Interactive/Dominant, with Interactive taking a slight lead.

  • Interactives: inspire, influence, impress and are interested in people
  • Dominants: direct, demand, decide, and do
  • Cautious: calculate, conscientious, contemplate, and are careful
  • Supportive: stabilize, steady, preserve the status quo and are sweet

I’ve also taken the “Colors” personality test, where I was a Green/Orange (Logical/Outgoing).

Frankly, I’ve been studying people since high school just using a slightly different model known as astrology.  😉

  • Fire = Dominant/Get it Done
  • Earth = Cautious/Get it Right
  • Water = Supportive/Get Along
  • Air = Interactive/Get Appreciated

More to come tomorrow, if he will let me live-blog the training…


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