Kete and Digital content

That’s Joann Ransom, Head of Libraries, Horowhenua Library Trust (read her blog).  I found her 7 minute interview with Kathryn Greenhill Inspiring AND right on track with what I heard from the IL keynote and Joan Frye Williams.  I love the part about the quilts and quilters and the story of the gentleman who knew all about farm equipment, but not computers, but still sat down and added detailed descriptions to Kete Horowhenua.

Kete Horowhenua – “A knowledge basket of images, audio, video and documents which are collected and catalogued by the community.”

Kete – Open Source software developed by Katipo, Communications

DigitalNZ – “DigitalNZ is an initiative that aims to make New Zealand digital content easy to find, share and use.”

Horowhenua Library Trust developed Koha and their shiny, new 3.2 Catalog is beautiful AND they have seamlessly integrated their Koha OPAC with the the Library’s Web page.  We’ll have to ask Chris Cormack more about that, he’s the developer at Catalyst IT (formerly with <katipo>).


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