KohaCon 2010

Update: Nicole is live-blogging the event.  The conference started Monday in New Zealand, which was Sunday in Kansas…about 3 pm to 11 pm or so our time was 9 am to 5 pm, the next day, in the land of the kiwis.

Two of my staffers in New Zealand for KohaCon 2010.  I was looking at the program today and wish I could hear Lee talk about her migration from Winnebago to Koha at Butte.  I see that Paul is on the agenda giving the “brief history” speech Chris gave in 2009 and instead of Galen, he is talking about 3.4…a Release Manager’s duty, I guess.  Love to say that I’ve met, ate, and drank with all of these fine folks at the Plano, Texas KohaCon.

Oooh, I will have to get Liz to take notes on this one:

eBooks: Why they break ISBNs
Stuart Yeates

A view of eBooks from an administrative and cataloging point of view, focusing on how some of the current practices around unique identifiers and organisation of content by media is going to be challenged.

Have fun!  I’ll be watching the Live Feed and Twitter.

Proud to say NEKLS is a Sponsor.


2 thoughts on “KohaCon 2010

  1. I’m doing an even briefer history this time too … with the help of my friend and colleague Andrew Caudwell, and the wonderful software he wrote: Gource.

    The title of the presentation is ’10 years in 10 minutes’ 🙂

  2. Sharon, I am sorry we will miss seeing you too. I have made a DVD of my presentation so I will send one home with Liz. I think you might get some of the Q and A on the twitter feed Chris set up, but for the most part I think the DVD will say it all.

    On the library side of things….we are testing the 3.2 beta and hoping to move the new Koha (on Ubuntu 10.04) install to our production server in the net week or so… hate to put a date on it (seems best to go long on projections ;-). So I hope to be chatting about that as well.

    Tweet ya soon,
    Kia ora

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