Let’s get Digital

Notice my header – those are my “K-State Daisies” (Osteospermum) – they seem to like the fall weather, along with the sedum and marigolds.  Petunias like all seasons, except maybe winter.

I was late to a meeting with Michael Church on Thursday because I was listening to Nancy Pickard at Fall Assembly talk about how Kansas geography and monuments (Flint Hills/Castle Rock) inspire her stories – her newest was inspired by what’s UNDER Kansas in the Southeast corner — coal.  I had a friend from Pittsburg in High School and swam in her beloved ‘pits’ as a teen…she swears they cured acne.

Back to the meeting – I think it went well and I’m very exited about Kansas Memory.  I learned that I need to split Local history from Genealogy – they do local history and let Ancestry.com manage genealogy.  Also learned that librarians are well-suited for a digitization project with all that cataloging and assigning of ‘controlled vocabularies’ to images – we’re anal retentive like that.  Michael presented me with three pages of questions that I need to sit down and thoughtfully answer (and get help from my libraries to answer) before we proceed.  Do my librarians know about Kansas Memory?  Do they also confuse Local history and Genealogy?  Are they up to the challenge of scanning and describing hundreds of pictures and unique documents (aka ‘primary sources’)?  I hope so, but I should probably ask 😉


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